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Torture On Rise In Egypt, Claims Nadime Center Report

El Nadime Center for the Management and Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence issued a report on torture in Egypt which documented state organized torture of opponents of the regime of President Mubarak. Included in the report is testimony from victims of the 2004 security raids conducted in Al-Arish following the Taba bombings. At that time, 3,000 people were detained, including women and children who were arrested to force their male relatives to come forward. The report also documents the experiences of farmers in the village of Sarando who were subjected to a two-week police campaign to evict them from their own land. The end of the report includes a table with the names of 272 policemen accused of torture by their victims. It details where and when the torture occurred, the victim’s identity and which organization documented the incident. Lawyer, Ahmed Seif El Islam of the Hisham Mubarak Law Center which handles torture cases, told the press “we will distribute this list widely to public prosecution offices and provide evidence which can be used in the prosecution of torturers– if there is a willingness to do this.”

It should be noted that under America’s rendition program individuals accused of being terrorists are frequently sent to Egypt for “interrogation.” The CIA and other agencies involved in the rendition program know as well as anyone that torture is a common occurrence in Egypt. Naturally, the Egyptian government and its press allies insist the report is not accurate and is merely an attempt to discredit the Egyptian government and nation.

UK Resident Tortured By CIA!

Lawyers for a British resident who is being held by the United States government at Guantanamo Bay have identified the existence of photographs taken by CIA agents that supposedly show how their client was tortured. Clive Stafford-Smith, legal director of Reprieve, who is representing Binyan Mohammed, claims to know the identify of the CIA agents who were present when his client was allegedly beaten and tortured. In a letter for Foreign Minister David Miliband, Mr. Smith wrote: “Given the opportunity, we can prove that the evidence(obtained from Mr. Mohammed) was the fruit of torture. Indeed, we can prove that a photographic record was made of this by the CIA. through diligent investigation we know when the CIA took pictures of Mr. Mohammed’s brutalized genitalia, we know the identity of the CIA agents who were present including the person who took the pictures(we know both their false identities and their true names), and we know what those pictures show…I have seen no evidence of any kind against Mr. Mohammed that is not the bitter fruit of torture.” Reprieve intends to press for criminal prosecutions against the CIA agents alleged to have carried out the torture.

Mr. Mohammed is charged with being an enemy combatant although he was arrested in Karachi by Pakistan immigration officials on his way back to England. he claims to have been tortured in Morocco before being sent to Guantanamo. He has never been charged with a crime nor given any opportunity to prove his innocence. The Bush administration continues insisting releasing those in Guantanamo will endanger American security. In a sense, Mr. Mohammed is trapped in a Franz Kafka novel, no charges are brought against him, but those in power insist that to do so would somehow endanger themselves. So, he resides in a terror land in which there is no innocence, only guilt. As an American, I can only say never before in the history of my nation has an American government acted in this manner.