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War On Terror Growth US Industry!

There is a scene in Irwin’s Shaw’s book, “The Young Lions” in which a character informs a friend he has figured out the perfect way to guarantee no unemployment in America–declare war on the Pacific Ocean and just dump everything into it. The Washington Post created a team of reporters for a project called, “Top Secret America” which was designed to investigate the extent of secret agents in our government. The project identified 1,271 government bodies and 1,931 private contractors who work on counter-terrorism. After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush declared a “war on terrorism” which has become transformed into a giant welfare program to assist business enterprises to make money for doing virtually nothing. The official US intelligence budget is now $75 billion which is three times its size in 9/11 and in the process of growth it has spawned 263 new bodies. In one respect this growth has been enormously successful– in creating jobs in which people shuffle paper, not ideas.

An estimated 50,000 intelligence reports are filed each year, but only a small group have access to all documents. But, that is not the real problem, the issue is even though thousands secured access to these documents, would it make any difference? The CIA failed in Vietnam, it failed to anticipate the collapse of the Soviet Union, it lacked any insight into the growth of Muslim fundamentalism which it was financed, it lacks any ability to infiltrate Muslim groups, and who would trust any American “intelligence agency” with predicting the future of anything?

Compare the success of the current CIA with the OSS in World War II and the result is night and day.

Mind Of A Bomber-Death In Afghanistan

He was a true believer, a man who viewed himself on a mission to rid the world of evil. In this case, “evil” represented to the Jordanian doctor anything connected with the United States. President Obama believes enhanced use of drones or 30,000 more troops on the ground in Afghanistan will rid the world of terrorists. A new video depicts Al-Balawi, the Jordanian doctor who entered a CIA camp and blew himself up along with seven CIA agents and a Jordanian agent, was merely logically carrying out the dictates of his anger. He is shown on the video sitting next to the head of Pakistan’s Taliban while saying, “we will never forget the blood of our emir, Baitullah Mehsud. We will demand revenge for him inside America and outside.” His words reflect a man who believes in the righteousness of his cause to the extent of killing himself.

CIA Director Leon Paneta defended his agents and insisted they used proper precautions and were just getting ready to search al-Balawi when he killed himself. The problem is not military mistakes on the part of Americans, but continued inability to grasp the conflict is as much with ideas as it is with people. Drones can not destroy ideas, only ideas can destroy them. This has always been the fatal mistake of American foreign policy since 2001.

Death In Early Evening In Afghanistan

It was late in the afternoon at Camp Chapman, a forward operating base in Afghanistan that is run by the CIA. A lone man, apparently invited by CIA agents, entered the area, walked over to a group of CIA agents, and then exploded himself killing at least seven of the hated Americans. Afghanistan’s government quickly issued a denial saying they had nothing to do with defending the base and it was an all-American task. Camp Chapman is a forward operating base (FOB) that is charged with conducting “black operations” along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

A western official wryly commented, “there’s not a great deal of visibility for what they(CIA agents) do except at the State Department.” There is no question the Obama administration is drawing up black op activities as part of the program to deal with the Taliban. Unfortunately, black ops have limited ability to reduce violence. They are symptoms of the problem, not solutions.

Milan CIA Chief Convicted Of Kidnapping!

it is doubtful if the United States can end the legacy of Bush without coming to grips with violations of law, torture and other brutalities that were characteristic of those who held important positions in the Bush administration. An Italian judge heard testimony how American CIA agents, working with local Italian personnel, seized Osama Moutafa off the streets and sent him to be tortured in a Cairo jail. the judge ruled that Robert Lady could be tried in his absence and convicted. His superior, Jeff Castelli, head of the CIA in Italy could not be tried due to diplomatic immunity. Two Italian intelligence officers were sentenced to three years in jail. Apparently, Omar originally was grabbed by Italian police who turned him over to the Americans.

President Obama continues insisting it would be “divisive” if Americans who tortured and ignored he law were placed on trial. I assume President Obama would also be against putting on trial members of the KKK who lynched Negroes because it was “divisive.”

Can Private Security Firms Protect USA?

Throughout the history of the United States its military handled dealing with prisoners and by World War II, it created the initial secret intelligence outfit, the OSS. The Bush era ushered in use of private firms such as Blackwater which were provided authority to deal not only with spies but with insurgents. For some reason, the CIA believed it necessary to contract out work dealing with captured terrorists to Blackwater. The CIA allowed Blackwater to contract with foreigners in order to deal with interrogation tactics. Charles Faddis, a former CIA official raises the question, “why did we need Blackwater? I remain mystified. This is quintessential CIA work. You wonder what it means that the CIA has to rely on Blackwwarter? Why are we still funding the CIA?”

I remain mystified. For example, during WW II, Army and Navy intelligence dealt with captured prisoners. Both did outstanding jobs and it was our intelligence which uncovered the secret Japanese strike at Midway Island that became one of America’s great naval victories. if we fund the CIA with billions, why in heaven are they subcontracting any work?

It is time for President Obama to announce all ties with private security firms will end when it comes to dealing with interrogation and treatment of prisoners.

Does Anyone Know What’s Going On In CIA?

The tangled mess created by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld in the aftermath of 9/11 lives on with confusion regarding relations between prisoners and CIA interrogators. The Justice Department is now investigating reports that detainees were improperly given photos of CIA agents and private contractors. Justice Department officials are trying to determine if military lawyers assigned to defend detainees divulged classified information or compromised CIA officers.

A major issue defense lawyers for the detainees quickly came across was the abuse and torture of their clients so it may have been natural to investigate the names of those who violated procedures during interrogations. It is quite clear at the infamous “black sites” torture was the norm and if a client was tortured it was the responsibility of his lawyer to uncover evidence of physical and mental abuse.

There is no quick resolution of a problem that began eight years ago.

Did Dick Cheney Protect America?

Former vice president Dick Cheney ordered the CIA to hide a highly secret counter-terrorist program from Congress for eight years which raises questions as to whether he violated the law. Democratic Congressional leaders intend to learn more concerning what was the program and why it was necessary to fail to provide information to other branches of the government. The law requires the president to keep Congress “fully and currently informed about the intelligence activities” although it does allow some leeway in “exceptional sensitive matters.” For many years it has been accepted practice for the top eight congressional leaders to be informed about highly secret activities.

Seymour Hersh, the investigative reporter, claims Cheney oversaw an “executive assassination ring” for many years. The group reported directly to the office of the vice president. During World War II, the vice president was never allowed to be the conduit of special secret service operations nor was that policy in the Korean and Vietnam wars. It is time the American public learned what was going on and why the secret operation was under the jurisdiction of the vice president.

P.S. I wonder if George Bush had clearance to learn about an operation led by his vice president?

Hugo Chavez Bellicose About Honduras Coup

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is engaged in never ceasing charges that America intervenes in the affairs of Latin American nations. However, on Sunday he placed Venezuelan troops on alert after his Honduran ally, President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown in a coup by members of the Honduras army. The Venezuelan ambassador was beaten by Honduras troops who were bent on getting rid of a leftist president. Chavez warned if Honduras troops entered his Honduras embassy “the military junta would be entering a defacto state of war.” He naturally accused the CIA of being involved in the overthrow of a leftist reform leader. Most probably, there might well be some validity to his charges, but in the meantime it is doubtful if Venezuela has the military capacity to launch on invasion of Honduras.

Who knows when the CIA is involved in overthrowing Latin American regimes except one would probably not lose much money if you bet on that possibility. It is now necessary for President Obama to conduct an internal investigation to ensure that no branch of the American government took part in the coup. The days of banana republics run by the US Marines have no place in the modern world.

Who Is In Charge In Pakistan’s Tribal Areas?

In the topsy turvy world of Pakistan militant operations it is sometimes difficult to discover exactly who is in charge of what or what the fighting is all about. A tribal leader who defected from the Taliban group led by Baitullah Mehsud because he charged the leader was in secret contact with Israel and the United States has been gunned down in Pakistan. Qari Zainuddin, a 26 year-old rising tribal leader claimed that Mehsud was “an American agent” who was using suicide bombings to destabilize the country. According to Zinuddin, “these people (Mehsud and his men) are working against Islam.”

Up to this point it has been assumed Mehsud was in alliance with al-Qaeda to destablize Pakistan, but if what the former Mr. Zainuddin claims is correct, al-Qaeda is really an organization created by Mossad and the CIA to attack Americans and the Pakistan government in order to create chaos. OK, this sounds as reasonable as Republican plans to deal with the recession by cutting taxes, but is there some madness to the madness?

We will be glad to send a scorecard as to who is with whom in Pakistan for the low price of $1 million. Who knows, maybe I am working for the CIA and Mossad without realizing it!

Did Sweden Assist US Rendition Program?

The right wing media continually decries “socialism” as a concept which is antithetical to the fight against terrorism and insists socialists are soft on al-Qaeda and other such groups. It now appears the Social Democrat government of Sweden actively assisted the American rendition program which secreted men accused of being terrorists in foreign jails. Two prominent left wing Swedish legislators are calling for an investigation how Swedish authorities knew the CIA was landing planes in Sweden that carried suspect terror suspects on their voyage to a prison. Hans Linde and Alice Astrom argued: “in this situation, one would expect a strong protest from the Swedish government,” but the government remained silent about CIA operations in their nation.

The ironic aspect of their protest is that information concerning the CIA rendition program in Sweden has been reported by the media while the government remains silent. The legislators want a full scale investigation as to why Parliament did not investigate rumors and allowed their national territory to be used in clandestine spy operations.