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Sweden Knew About CIA Rendition

The Swedish government knew that CIA planes were carrying prisoners on their way to secret detention centers where they were to be interrogated. Swedish defense forces conducted secret surveillance operations in 2005 that monitored American planes at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. “The assignment to carry out this operation came from the Defense Ministry to the defense forces” according to sources. They were following up on information that the CIA was using so-called rendition flights to force people out of the USA against their will. Swedish army forces confirmed the accuracy of these reports.

Swedish army sources say they inspected the planes but would not comment beyond that comment. The planes undoubtedly contained men in chains who were obviously not passengers on a plane. The American nation must have an investigation into the entire process of torture to redeem its honor as a society.

German Wins Rendition Case Against CIA

The long nightmare for Americans will not be over for many years since it will require time to digest the Bush violation of Constitutional and international human rights. Khaled el-Masri, a Lebanese-born German national, was abducted by the CIA in Macedonia in 2004 and flown to Afghanistan to be interrogated on terrorism charges. The court awarded Masri nearly a million dollars in compensation for the abuse he endured. He was a victim of the CIA rendition program which resulted in him being beaten and bullied for nearly five months while being held in Afghanistan. CIA agents could not terrorize individuals in America so they were sent to foreign locales where people were not protected by constitutional procedures.

Mr. el-Masri also filed a lawsuit against the United States but the Supreme Court upheld the decision to reject the case on national security grounds. It is important for the soul of America to bring to justice all officials in the Bush government who created the rendition program and subject them to legal procedures as a warning to others that justice will triumph over those who violate the Constitution.

Swedish Officials Linked To CIA Operations

The true story of the Bush authorized violation of human rights has yet to be written, but in the latest episode two prominent Swedish officials are now trapped in a situation in which their statements about rendition of two individuals most probably are wrong. Former Justice Minister Thomas Bodstrom and former prime minister Goran Persson in 2001 denied they knew there was a CIA connection to the deportation of two terror suspects, but a new book indicates they probably lied to a constitutional committee about this issue. Bodstrom stands by his view that he lacked knowledge the CIA would step in when the two men were deported. he insists it was not wrong to cooperate with another nation in dealing with the deportation of a suspected criminal.

The problem with Bodstrom’s view is that so far at least 24 individuals have finally been released from Guantanamo who most probably were imprisoned for up to seven years without the slightest evidence they had committed a crime. Mr. Bodstrom may never know whether or not he sent an innocent man to torture or death by cooperating with the CIA.

New CIA Head Has No Spy Experience-Good News?

Leon Paneta, former Clinton White House chief of staff, has been selected by Barack Obama to be the new head of the CIA. Paneta has no experience in the area of secret intelligence and many critics undoubtedly will denounce selecting such an individual to head America’s main spy agency. However, as one reviews the history of the CIA, and its leadership, many questions arise as to the nature of competency. The CIA has been dominated for over forty years by individuals who had the right academic credentials and who supposedly knew what they were doing. But, it was these individuals who missed the downfall of the Soviet Union, misunderstood Saddam Hussein, blundered in Iran and who fouled up all over Latin America, and whose record in Asia is not much better.

During World War II, General “Wild Bill” Donovan headed America’s spy agency, the OSS, and although lacking in any training in the area of espionage, his record matches up against any of those who headed the CIA. Donovan hired prostitutes, baseball players, actors, Socialists, communists, criminals and so on because he believed a spy agency should have a diverse body, not just those who do well in college. Let’s hope Paneta follows the ideas of Donovan over “spy experts” in the CIA.

CIA Charged With Lying About Plane Crash

An internal investigation uncovered information suggesting the CIA engaged in a cover-up to hide negligence in the downing in Peru of a private aircraft suspected of carrying illegal narcotics. The CIA report said the agency had lied to Congress and withheld information concerning the investigation. Apparently, the CIA shot down the plane which was carrying missionaries and then covered up the attack. A Peruvian plane acting in coordination with the CIA shot down the plane and killed Veronica Bowers and her infant girl. Peter Hoekstra, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee said “to say these deaths did not have to happen is more than an understatement.”

The problem when such stories are revealed is it furthers belief in conspiracies on the part of government which many on the Internet never ceases. Perhaps, it is being overly optimistic to hope the CIA is NOT ALWAYS involved in secret actions that are denied to ever have happened.

Osama bin Laden-Not Dead And Still Alive!

Seven years have gone by since President George Bush in the flush of victory in Afghanistan promised the American people he would get Osama bin Laden, dead or alive. Osama is still alive and Bush is dead as president of the United States leaving that office with the lowest rating of any president in history. CIA Director Michael Hayden told the Atlantic Council that Osama bin Laden is hiding somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan near the Pakistan border and now appears to be isolated from day-by-day operations of al-Qaeda. According to Hayden, the problem is the spread of al-Qaeda to other regions of the world including Asia, Africa and other parts of the Middle East.

The CIA Director ignored why al-Qaeda is spreading all over the world. If he could speak honestly, the reason is clear–George Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq enabled al-Qaeda to obtain volunteers from Muslim nations in the world and to give them excellent training in sabotage, guerrilla warfare tactics and death and destruction. Hayden still buys into the Bush belief that capturing Osama bin Laden “clearly would have an impact on the confidence of his follower.” Why? They are doing well without him in an active leadership role.

Bush Administration Endorsed Torture

A Washington Post story made clear the Bush administration endorsed the idea of waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods against al-Qadea suspects. A pair of secret memos previously unclassified were requested by then CIA Director George Tenet more than a year after the start of secret interrogations. According to the Post story, intelligence officials sought cover from the White House because they were worried about a possible backlash if details of the interrogation program became public. Justice Department lawyers signed off on the agency’s interrogation methods beginning in 2002, but senior CIA officials were troubled that White House policy makers had never endorsed the program in writing.

It is quite apparent that CIA officials wanted a paper trail to cover their butts if at some future time the sleazy President Bush might turn around and deny he had ever authorized torture. Tenet finally received in June, 2003, a written assurance his agency could violate international and national standards of democracy and the rights of individuals.

A White House spokesman had no comment on the report. Hopefully, a new president in January will initiate an investigation which results in a prison sentence for George Bush and his cronies in crime.

CIA Claims Syrian Nuclear Facility Aided By Foreign Ally

The destruction of a suspected Syrian nuclear facility last year apparently entailed cooperation between the United States and “foreign partners.” The statement of CIA Director General Michael Hayden only added to the confusion surrounding the bombing of the Syrian plants. Israel claimed credit for the bombing but according to Hayden, “our foreign partnerships… were critical to the final outcome.” Is the CIA director claiming that the United States played a role in the bombing or is he saying the CIA identified the facility and asked Israel to carry out the bombing. Hayden boasted, “we were able last year to soil a big secret, a project that cold have provided Syria with plutonium for nuclear weapons.”

The assumption behind Hayden proclaiming to the world that the United States played a role in bombing a plant located in a neutral nation is somehow this will serve American foreign policy goals. Perhaps, he can explain, exactly how?

Chavez Discovers Coup Plan – When Doesn’t He?

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been claiming for years that right wing officers in the military are working with the CIA in order to plot an overthrow of his regime. Yesterday, he announced that “various” suspects were detained and accused them of trying to assassinate him with tacit backing from political opponents and the United States. He blamed a group of officers who in 2002 tried a coup to once again team up with American agents in an effort to take over the government and destroy his “Bolivarian revolution.” The president charged an admiral and several retired officers were involved in planning the coup.

According to Chavez, the plotters were seeking ground-to-air missiles in order to blow up the presidential plane or bomb the presidential palace. He also blamed the right wing press for aiding such efforts. Of course, Chavez has been trying for years to silence any newspaper or television station from offering an independent view of life in Venezuela. In a sense, he is like the boy who cried “wolf” and if there really is a planned coup, it is hard to believe anything he claims at this point in time.

Trials And Bumbling Of CIA!

During the past fifty years, the CIA has most probably spent at least $700 billion in its role as America’s primary agent in uncovering foreign agents. Of course, during that time, it failed to provide advance knowledge of any major event, but, then again, secret agents enjoy being secret. In the latest bumbling and stumbling activity of the CIA it now turns out, a CIA agent who provided “key”information about the Libyan Lockerbie bombing was not exactly who he claimed to be, but, in reality, he worked in the garage at the airport. Mr. Giaka, who worked for the Libyan Arab Airlines at the Malta airport wrote numerous messages explaining to the CIA things that could or could not take place while all the time working at the airport garage . At the Lockerbie trial, four judges described his testimony as “at best grossly exaggerated and at worst simply untrue.”

Perhaps, some day when the real history of the CIA is finally written, the American people will learn how inept was this agency. This blog awaits evidence the CIA could get something right.