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Al-Aqeda Training “Western Style” Looking Terrorists

CIA director Michael Hayden says al-Qaeda is training operatives who “look western” and could enter the United States to conduct terrorist attacks. “They are bringing operatives in that region(northwest area of Pakistan) for training– operatives that, a phrase I wold use, wouldn’t attract your attention if they were going through the customs line at Dulles with you.” The new recruits “look western” and “would be able to come into this country… without attracting the kinds of attention that others might.” Genral Hayden also noted Osama bin Laden was no longere the operational leader of al-Qaeda and had become an”iconic figure” while day-by-day opeerations were more frequently under the direction of the Egyptian militant, Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

The sad commentary about this ridiculous statement by the head of the CIA is that he doesn’t even grasp the implication of what he said to the press. It appears an assumption of General Hayden is that people with features from the Middle East would more likely capture your concern if on an airplane with them because, by his definition, they don’t look western and thus are more likely to be terrorists. In my youth, I was told I “looked Jewish” which automatically meant I was less than a real American. Now, we have an official of the Bush administration who believes those who look Middle Eastern are not like the resut of “us.” I have traveled in Israel where sometimes it is difficult separating the native Israel Sabras from Arabs. That is why Mossad agents can sometimes pass for Arabs. Should we be on the lookout for Israelis and Turks, and other-non western looking people?

CIA’s Dirty Little War Against The Constitution

CIA spokesman George Little continually insists the agency has operated its terrorist detention and interrogation program in accordance with US law. After being held for nearly three years in secret CIA prisons or “black sites,” a Yemeni prisoner, Khalid Al-Maqtani, was finally released without any charges being brought before a judicial tribunal. Al-Maqtania told Amnesty Internatonal he spent 28 months in isolation without anyone telling him the nature of his alleged crimes. He was arrested in Iraq on suspicion of being a foreign insurgent, transferred to Abu Ghraib prison where he was beatedn, deprived of sleep, suspended upside down in painful positions, intimidated by dogs and induced hypothermia.

After nine days of interrogation in Abu Ghraib, he was flown to Afghanistan where he again was tortured and kept in isolation. According to Amnesty International, the CIA turned him over to Yemen authorities in 2006 and he was not released until May, 2007. In July, 2007, President Bush issued an executive order banning “cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment” of terror suspects by the CIA.

As an American, I wonder how those who wrote the Constitution would have reacted to such a story of human degradation. I know they never would have accepted the Bush ratonale that allows torture and violation of human rights in the name of “ticking bombs” that must be defused. As of this date, Mr. Al Maqtan has not been any bomb, ticking or not.

Iran’s Theater Of The Absurd

Unlike, the Iranian government, I do not have a direct line to God or any of the Prophets of God, but one thing is certain, the great prohpets of humanity spoke for peace and love, not hate and violence. Allireza Malekian, speaking for the Iranian Ministry of Culture, issued a hate laden statement on the death anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad. “The heart of the world of Islam is hurt and full of anger. Media linked to world arrogance and the Zionist regime is direted by its masters and insults the Prophet Muhammad, and filmmakers trained by the CIA and the Mossad mock the beloved religion of Islam. The Zionist racists massacre Palestinian women and children with bombs and celebrate their victory in the White House.”

For some reason, the CIA and Mossad did not submit any pictures for Academy Awards this year, undoubtedly they were too busy training subversive filmmakers at secret hidewaways in the Catskills. The Iranian government has legitimate complaints about American behavior towards their nation, but every time they pour out these ridiculous hate spewn messages of violence, the world recoils in disgust.

They direct anger at oppressive regimes, but within Iran, the voices of thousands are silenced by an oppressive religion. The rights of Bahais are denied, and women placed on an unequal basis with men.

In all honesty, I know little about the Muslim religion, but, from what I have read and heard from those for whom the Muslim religion is a source of love and beauty, I doubt very much the Prophet Muhammad would ever speak in such hateful terms about the people of the Book or direct hate toward other humans.

Bad News For New York Football Giants!

it is now almost a certainty the New York Football Giants will lose the Super Bowl. CIA Director Mike Hayden has picked them to win 28-24. If CIA picks in the past are any indicator of what will happen, it is a certainty the Giants are doomed to lose.

Saga Of Waterboardgate Unfolds!

Several US senators and congressmen are demanding a criminal investigation into the CIA’s obstruction of justice by destroying videotapes depicting the use of torture on prisoners. The digital recordings apparently show a team of CIA agents subjecting Abu Zubayadh, the agency’s first detainee, and another person to abusive interrogation. Seantor Edward Kennedy commented, “we haven’t seen anything like this since the 18 minute gap on the tapes of Richard Nixon.” He called on newly installed Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate the situation. Congresswoman Jan Haman said that in early 2003 she had warned the CIA not to destroy any videotapes dealing with interrogation practices. Senator John Rockefeller, head of the “Senate Intelligence Committee wants a review of “the full history and chronology of the tapes, how they were used, and the reasons for destroying them.”

Mason Nance, who advises Homeland Security on terrorism, says the interrogation using waterboarding techniques would have been conducted in Jordan or Egypt, but there would have been a video link to the CIA’s directorate of operations in Langley, Virginia. It would have been observed by the director of the CIA, along with a team of interrogation experts, including a psychologist and doctor. According to Nance, “they start by slapping the prisoner around, putting him in stress positions and finally strapping him on the waterboard where he is bound down and has water poured into his lungs. It’s very hard to watch people going through this form of torture.” Nance believes an individual subjected to such torture will “get hysterical and whatever they say is of no value anyway.”

The White House has no comment on the destruction of videotapes or the lame excuse they had to be done in order to protect the identify of the torturers. It would be a simple task to hide the identity of those doing the interrogation as is so commonly done when television covers up the face of someone who is talking. Perhaps, it is time for concerned American congressmen to consider the possibility of impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney, two men who have done worse than destroy video tapes, they have destroyed the reputation of this nation.

President Bush Lied, Claims His Former Press Secretary

President Bush’s former press secretary, Scott McClellan, in his forthcoming book accuses the president and others in the administration of lying about outed CIA operative Valerie Palme. In speaking to the press, Scott McClellan now admits he lied. “I had unknowingly passed along false information. And, five of the highest ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so. Rove, Libby,the vice president, the president’s chief of staff, and the president himself.” The current press secretary, Dana Perino, responded to the accusation by saying, “The president has not and would not ask his spokespeople to pass on false information.”

Several years ago, Republicans argued that President Clinton had lied concerning his relations with Monica Lewinsky and thus they initiated impeachment proceedings. We now have a specific charge of lying on the part of the president of the United States by a Republican who served in his administration. Will congressional Republicans now initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush for lying?