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Off With The Head In Saudi Arabia!

A Canadian citizen is being held in Saudi Arabia and will most probably lose his head in the coming days despite his claim a confession produced in court was the result of torture. Obviously, anyone outside of Saudi Arabia can not state if Mohamed Kohail is innocent or guilty since the event occurred in Saudi Arabia and access to a fair trial is certainly not among the most notable examples of the due process in that nation. Mr. Kohail and a Jordanian friend were convicted of murder after a fight broke out between the two men and some teenagers. The two insisted they were defending themselves, but the confession that was produced in court was the main evidence to prove their guilt. Dan McTeague, a Canadian MP, has been investigating the case and believes the men are innocent. He is also upset the Canadian government has made no effort to conduct its own investigation even though one of its citizens may soon be without his head.

Yes, Saudi Arabia is among the defenders of “democracy” against Muslim extremists. The problem is when it comes to justice, no terrorist in the world can match the terrorism of the Saudi Arabian government. Beyond, off with the head and give them a 100 lashes, what exactly is the major legal concept the Saudis offer the world?