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Bike Revolution Sweeps Paris And Sweeps Away Pollution!

A revolution in urban transportation is bringing joy to the thousands of Parisian commuters and tourists due to an innovative idea in using bikes as the mode of getting around France’s major city. It began on July 15 of this year due to an innovative idea by JCDecaux, the world’s second largest outdoor advertising company which came up with the idea of establishing 750 computer-aided bike sites(soon to be doubled to 1,460) all over Paris which allow people to rent a bike in order to go from one place to another. At present there are about 20,000 bikes which, on the average, are each used about 10 times a day. Tourists now have an inexpensive mode of travel to wander around Paris and enjoy fresh air as they zoom from place to place. Commuters can get to business appointments without spending sums on taxis. Each bike rents for $1.45 a day or $7.50 a week or $44 a year. There are reports London, Chicago, Moscow and other major cities throughout the world are investigating the possibility of establishing such systems of travel.

This is a wonderful example of creative thinking which can deal with pollution issues without spending enormous sums of money. Hopefully, small personal electric cars can become a new model of urban transportation and end the massive flow of automobiles into major cities throughout the world.