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UN Urges Russia To Fight AIDS Now

UN AIDS chief, Peter Piot urged the Russian government to combat HIV/AIDs in a more aggressive manner or risk undoing its program of prevention. He said not enough was being done to assist those who have the disease. Russia ranks behind Southeast Asia and sub-Sahara Africa with the highest rate of people infected with the disease. It lies on the main trafficking rute from Afghanistan to Europe which dramatically increases the probability millions will be infected with disease. Piot is mainly concerned over failure of the Russian government to invest in clinics where heroin users can take the opiate substitute methadone in a clean controlled environment-a technique which has reduced HIV infections in Europe and North America.”If you don’t supplly clean needles, if you don’t supply methadone, you can’t control the epidemic,” said Piot.

One of the tragedies of the Putin administration has been its failure to pour millions into the health system resulting in a collapse of a health care system which once was noted for its efficiency.