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The Sky IS Falling On Climate Change!

After taking advantage of our future space capsule we are ready to report the situation on Earth in the year 2099. Following are some highlights:

BM: I am reporting from what used to be known as the island of Manhattan. The new underwater Wall Street complex is up and ready to roll with bankers taking advantage of the splendid new underwater restaurant underneath what used to be called, 42nd Street.

ES: I am on the new US Enterprise which is making voyage around the northern part of Canada on our way to the Northern Riveria that is located in northern Alaska. We expect several days of fun and frolic in the warm Arctic Ocean.

BS: Let me introduce you to Ms. DP who is among the original inhabitants of the new state of New Miami located in what used to be known as the South Pole. American forces made a surprise invasion of the area and the American government announced placement of a nuclear weapon base on the southern continent.

Oh well, this could be the future due to the inept frightened people who led the world in 2009. Anyone with an ounce of sense knew that global warming was taking place, but how to convince idiots in the world who preferred the scientific expertise of Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh to that of trained scientists. After all, spending your life in laboratories may result in knowing something esoteric such as global warming, but it doesn’t compare to real life hands-on experience in killing deer. Who would you trust with your future, a brilliant scientist such as Glenn Beck or some person who graduated from MIT?

It was December 18, 2009 in the city of Copenhagen where world leaders came together to discuss global warming. As the week proceeded and it became clear they feared losing votes back home to solving global problems, the brave ones headed for home. President Obama of the USA tried hammering out an agreement which was characterized by his own spokesman as “not sufficient to combat the threat of climate change, but it’s an important first step.”

Unfortunately, as the years passed, there was never a second or third step and climate changed. In the end, predictions came true, but according to Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, the entire process of what is known as “climate change” is a plot by Socialist secret agents working for Socialist President Barack Obama to destroy the lives of God fearing Americans.

Finns Losing Desire To Deal With Global Warming

According to a recent survey conducted by Helsingen Sanomat the desire of Finnish people to make personal choices aimed at slowing climate change has declined since last year. The greatest reluctance is cutting back on flying or improved use of public transport. Fewer people are willing to recycle, to sort out waste, to purchase energy-saving products or to reduce their use of cars. On the other hand, a large number of people are willing to pay a climate tax, perhaps, they regard a single tax as a simple solution to a complex issue.

It appears a higher percentage no longer regard climate change as an event that will directly impact their lives. If climate changes over a long period of time it may reduce the sense of urgency than if it came upon the populace in a sudden dramatic way. It is interesting that a large number of people are now more willing to accept the concept of nuclear plants.

Denying The Climate Deniers!

At a recent global warming conference in Copenhagen, Steven Sherwood, a climate expert from Yale, told the meeting that people will not be able to adapt to a warmer climate as readily as has been believed. He emphasized the human body has physiological limits and this in itself will impact where people live. “There will be some places on Earth where it would simply be impossible to lose heat. this is quite imaginable if we continue burning fossil fuels.” Sherwood noted that ” a warming of only few degrees will cause large parts of the globe to experience peak wet bulb temperatures that never occur today.”

There are those who believe the Sherwood argument is just so much hot air, and there is nothing to worry about because some people believe worrying is part of some SOCIALIST PLOT to destroy capitalism. For some reason, climate deniers enjoy the role of saying, “no.” It is too bad some of us will not be around thirty years from now to see the beginning of what will happen.

Environment Minister Bans Ads On Climate Change

Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has banned government television advertisements which deal with the effects of climate change. Mr. Wilson said he was not going to inject into the consciousness of Irish people the “insidious New Labor propaganda” which tries to get across outrageous ideas such as there might be global warming or stuff like that going on in the world. Minister Wilson is concerned that if we continue discussing topics such as global warming it will impact the wallets and lives of people and most are “not prepared to bear the massive financial consequences.” Environment Minister Sammy Wilson must be among the last environment ministers who believe that global warming is some sort of hoax by those damn “liberals” to frighten good God fearing folk.

Mr. Wilson is all for some sort of energy efficiency stuff but he will have nothing to do with the “fear factor how this whole climate change issue is being addressed.” He much prefers putting his head in the sand and pretending nothing is happening.

Australian PM Rudd First Act-Ratify Kyoto Pact

Newly elected Prime Minister Keven Rudd decided to make a powerful statement on the issue of global warming by signing the Kyoto Pact. “This is the first official act of the new Australian government, demonstrating my government’s commitment to tackling climate change,” he said. Rudd pledged to take actions within Australia in order to deal with environmental concerns as well as cooperating with other nations of the world. His administration initially has a 20% reduction goal to be achieved by 2020.

Kevin Rudd intends to demonstrate a new Australian independence from his predecessor’s close affinity towards George Bush. First, Rudd has taken a bold step in quickly moving on the issue of climate change, hopefully, his next move will be to withdraw Australian troops from the fiasco in Iraq.

Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize!

Former Vice President Al Gore will share the Nobel prize with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for his outstanding efforts to alert the world to dangers of changes in the environment. “His strong commitment reflective in political activities, films, and books has strengthened the struggle against climate change” was stated as main reasons for winning the prize.

Perhaps, winning this prize can persuade Gore to take one further step in dealing with climate change by placing his name into the ring for the presidential nomination. A group of his supporters in the past few days have placed on ad in The New York Times urging him to take a shot at the nomination. At this critical time in the world’s struggle to control devastating effects of climate change, the voice of Al Gore is vitally needed.