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Israel Seeks Talks On Peace With Syria

Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Syria’s President Bashar Assad that “a lot has changed i relations between Israel and Syria” and seeks to begin negotiations that would lead to peace between the two nations. Olmert told visiting US Senator Arlen Spector who is on his way to Syria to “Tell Assad I await an answer from him regarding the dynamic message I have conveyed to him regarding negotiations.” It is apparent Israel seeks to resolve its differences with Syria even as a recent poll indicated excessive pessimism pervades Mideast people. However, the Harry Truman Institute in Jerusalem found in a poll that 53% of Israelis still support peace proposals advocated by former President Clinton while 47% of Palestinians have a similar viewpoint.

The fact such a large percent of people on both sides still cling to the Clinton proposals indicate a strong desire for peace. These figures also demonstrate another failure on the part of George Bush, he refused to build on the work of Clinton because Bush felt this only helped Democrats. For George Bush, politics is always the most important facet of diplomacy.