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Patience Instead Of Violence Urged On Israel

The rush to judgment on the part of the Netanyahu government reminds those who have studied American-Soviet relations of Americans who wanted to drop atomic bombs on the enemy because unless the US acted immediately, evil would triumph. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a recent TV interview, urged the Israel government to halt its head-long determination for a finality with Iran. She termed Israel’s Iran policy “futile” and that it would only result in disaster for both nations. “We have negotiated with many governments who we did not believe represented the will of their people. Look at all the negotiations that went on with the Soviet Union. That’s what you get to do in diplomacy. You don’t get to choose the people. It required fifty years of negotiation with the Soviet Union before democracy and peace came to that nation.

Recent events in Iran indicate a significant portion of its population seek peace and democracy. The future of Iran is still unknown, but one thing is for certain, an Israel air attack on Iran would unite the nation behind the current rulers and kill any hope for democracy in that nation for twenty years. Sometimes, the race actually goes to the turtle rather than the hare.

Honduras Follies Create Laughter Not Violence

Manuel Zelaya was president of Honduras when he decided to play the Hugo Chavez card in order to retain power. He insists the only concern in his life is to better the life of those who are poor. The only consistent aspect of politics in Latin America is the insistence on the part of those who seek power their only aim is to help poor and oppressed people. As Zelaya’s term of office drew to a conclusion, he concluded (as has Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro) that without his brilliant leadership the cause of ending poverty was impoverished due to lack of leadership besides himself. So, he attempted to retain power by changing the Constitution of Honduras which resulted in him being deposed from office by conservatives and the armed forces.

Zelaya attempted to cross back into Honduras and was prevented by the army. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who opposed the coup, termed his attempt, “reckless” and not helpful in the struggle to end the coup. Zelaya insists if he could return home there would be peace, happiness and prosperity. Ah, Lord, protect us from those who seek our happiness on the back of their seizure of power.

Obama To Ostrich Headed Israel-Halt Settlements!

The people of Israel undoubtedly are tired from decades of struggle to gain peace with the Arab world, and this fatigue no doubt influenced the decision in voting earlier this year to support right wing elements led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Unfortunately, for Israel which prefers to bury its head in the earth like an ostrich, the majority of American Jews, of English Jews, and supporters of Israel throughout the world want peace and that means compromise and ending efforts that impede the road to conflict resolution. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bluntly told Israel on Wednesday to halt settlement growth as well as building new houses in existing Jewish enclaves. Israel argues children have an inalienable right to have a house built next to their parent’s home. An interesting theory, but not one agreed to by most people in the world.

Israel government spokesman, Mark Regev, said construction will continue within existing settlements. There is no question the new administration wants peace in the Middle East and this requires ending unqualified support for Israel. The government and people of Israel must recognize the importance of compromise and ending the constant expansion of the West Bank which was illegally seized from Palestinians. The Gaza invasion blunder almost cost Israel its friendship with Turkey. The housing expansion on the West Bank might cost Israel its friendship with the United States.

Wake up Israel, the world is turning away from a democratic society which has allowed demagogues to gain power and to use hysteria and ethnocentrism to guide policy decisions.

US Reporter Dying In Iran!

The condition of jailed American born Roxana Saberi continues to decline as her hunger strike for freedom weakens this brave opponent of the Iranian government. Her only crime is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ms. Saberi has been reporting from Iran for over seven years and is known to key figures in the government, but she most probably is now trapped in a struggle within the Iranian government between forces seeking reconciliation with the United States and those opposing any such move. Her father says Roxana “is very weak and frail.. she is in a bad condition. She can hardly stand up. I’m worried about her health. I’m worried about her life.” She was arrested in January and in a hurried secret trial sentenced to eight years in prison.

Iran insists its judiciary has the right to do as it wishes without interference from the outside world. The United States regards the incident as a deliberate provocation that will only poison relations between the two nations. President Ahmadinejad can either be manipulating the entire process for some form of political gain or he can be under pressure from conservative clerics to stand up to the United States. In either case, this incident only dampens the possibility of restoration of relations. Iran will have to decide if jailing a woman is worth the cost of ending hopes for reconciliation.

Israel Secret Plan To Expand Settlements

The Israeli Peace Now movement has come into possession of secret documents which reveal a plan to expand West Bank settlements in a manner that will only create additional problems for a future resolution of the current conflict. The proposed expansion is on a highly sensitive piece of real estate whose possession by Israel would make difficult the creation of a coherent Palestinian state. The plan calls for building of 6,000 housing units a move that Palestinian leaders regard as highly dangerous. There is also talk of Israel building new barriers inside the West Bank which probably violates international law.

The Israel government is attempting to create a fait accompli that Palestinians would have to accept. The assumption is that the Obama government will go along with this approach to peace. Most probably George Bush would have allowed this behavior, but the Obama-Clinton administration will not go along with this approach to peace.

Who Is In Charge Of Pakistan??

First, the Pakistan government turned over the Swat Valley to the Taliban and allowed it to impose sharia law and kill opponents. If there is a government in Pakistan how can they sanction a terror group imposing law, burning down schools for girls and beheading opponents? Who exactly is in charge? In the face of government weakness, the Taliban entered another region, Buner and began imposing its version of the law. It appears the Pakistan government is finally grasping the salami tactics of the Taliban mean they eventually will head for the capital. Many Pakistan leaders are now demanding action against the Taliban even as some Taliban leaders are heading for Buner to persuade their colleagues to leave before the entire Pakistan army gets the message that action is the only way to deal with the Taliban.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Pakistan that abdicating to the Taliban was the most certain way to destroy democracy in their nation. Some Pakistan officials claim giving the Taliban some power is helping their nation because their intolerant behavior frightens the masses of Pakistan and will lead to strong support for military action to destroy the Taliban.

Iran Continues Being Iran!

The Iranian government for years has complained about failure on the part of the Bush administration to engage in meaningful dialogue or cooperation with their nation. Newly elected President Barack Obama reached out and made clear his desire to have peaceful relations with Iran, but the extended hand of friendship has been slapped by President Ahmadinejad. Just 24 hours after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US wanted to directly participate in talks with Iran concerning nuclear development, Iran responded by claiming the number of centrifuges at its uranium enrichment facility has risen from 6,000 to 7,000 -an increase which brings it closer to having the capability of developing an atomic bomb. Ahmadinejad says he will discuss nuclear development but only if discussions are based on “justice and respecting rights.”

In another example of Iranian desire to make the progress toward peace difficult, authorities said Roxana Saberi, the American-Iranian journalist will go on trial next week on charges of espionage. This trial will only complicate efforts to achieve improved relations between the two countries.

US Congress Seeks To Impede Middle East Peace

During the past several years, the greatest enemy of Israel has been George Bush and some Congressmen who believe Israel does no wrong and all problems would be resolved in the Middle East if everyone simply goes along with the view that Muslim terrorists are the source of all problems. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proposed to provide Gaza over 800 million in aid to deal with the devastation of the Israeli invasion. The Clinton initiative received warm support among Arab nations which strengthened the ability of the Secretary of State to be a force in any negotiations. Some members of Congress wish to link any aid with guarantees that rocket attacks will cease and the Israeli soldier who is captive will be released. Rep. Shelley Berkley of California demands Clinto will not provide aid until the Israeli soldier is released and rocket fire ends.

The life of a single individual is important but over a thousand people have died in an effort to secure his release. There comes a time when the needs of millions must take precedence over the life of a single person. Secure peace in the Middle East and Mr. Shalit will be headed home.

Hillary Clinton–Two State Solution Is Solution!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear it was the intention of the Obama administration to work for the creation of a Palestinian state. “We happen to believe that moving towards a two-state solution is in Israel’s best interests.” She was with Prime Minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu who has been lukewarm about the idea of a Palestinian state in the near future. As of this point, Netanyahu only talks about improving the Palestinian economy and refused to take a stand for the rights of Palestinians to have their own nation. He told reporters the issue did not come up in his talks with Clinton even though she told the press conference the United States “will be vigorously engaged in pursuit of the two state solution.

Clinton has already announced an $800 million grant to help rebuild Gaza which was destroyed by Israel last year. Secretary of State insisted Hamas must cease rocket attacks. The problem in the Middle East is Hamas lacks any sense of how to work for peace and Israel has become a nation ruled by fear which saps its ability to think in creative ways about attaining peace in the region. Hillary Clinton is absolutely right in saying it will take a strong stand by the Obama administration to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Hillary Clinton Ponders Myanmar Dilemma

The problem of how best to deal with the military thugs who control Myanmar with a iron fist has bedeviled American political leaders for years. The Bush administration tried employing sanctions but there is scant evidence those running Myanmar are worried if their people suffer due to economic constraints. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to attempt seeking new ways to connect with the rulers of Burma in order to explore alternatives to the failed policy of sanctions. After meeting with the Foreign Minister of Indonesia, she made clear since they have a better entry into the Burmese leaders the United States would work in close cooperation with Indonesia in finding ways to assist the people of Burma. As she noted, “imposing sanctions has not influenced the junta… reaching out and trying to engate has not influenced them either.”

In reality, there is not much the United States or even Indonesia can do to influence a group of men who inhabit a closed world in which only their concerns are of importance. Most probably, China is a better entry into these people since they have built a lucrative relationship with China in order to develop the rich natural resources of their country.