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Senator Clinton, Sit Down, It’s Over!

This week’s editorial:

Many years ago there was a fight for the world’s heavyweight championship between the great fighter Muhammad Ali and his equally talented opponent, Joe Frazier. Frazier battled gallantly for fourteen rounds and took a beating that left him battered as round fifteen was ready to begin. His trainer, Eddie Futch, came to Frazier and said: “Joe, it’s over. Sit down, I’m throwing in the towel.” Senator Clinton, you have waged a tough campaign and shown the world that you are a campaigner in your own light, but the battle is over and it is time to sit down and acknowledge someone else will be the champion in America. There is never dishonor in losing a battle that one has fought with all weapons at one’s command, but continuing a losing struggle at some point moves from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Clinton comments increasingly have entered the domain of Bushism as the senator insults all African Americans and white people by claiming whites will not vote for Obama. As the past months have gone on with vicious comments and nastiness, Senator Clinton has portrayed herself as being capable of out “roving Karl Rove” when it comes to smearing the name of her opponent. We believe the real Senator Hillary Clinton is better than the presidential Hillary Clinton. At the core of her beliefs is respect for all people, and the ongoing insults towards Obama merely reflect emotional fatigue and anger.

Sit down, it’s over. Sit down, and accept the needs of the American people and the world that require a new president who will dramatically alter the disastous Bush policies. Hillary Clinton can go down in history as the political leader who graciously stepped down and placed nation before ego or she can go down in history as the ego driven individual who placed her own emotional desires before the needs of her nation. The choice remains in the hands of Hillary Clinton.

Don’t ever forget Senator Clinton that a John McCain presidency ensures complete control of the Supreme Court by those who are against women’s rights. Can you risk that?

Obama Rips Clinton Politics Of Fear And War

Barack Obama came out swinging against Senator Hillary Clinton’s wild remark that she was prepared to “totally obliterate” Iran if it attacks Israel. She said on an interview on ABC that, “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m president, we will attack Iran. In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate Iran. Obma publicly stated his concern about avoiding any conflict with Iran by emphasizing, “it’s not the language we need right now, and I think it’s the language reflective of George Bush” when he is blustering and threatening other nations.

Since day one of the primary campaign, Senator Hillary Clinton has worked hard to come across as a macho man who can initiate war and violence as good as any Bush Republican. A few days ago, the major world powers offered a plan to Iran calling for peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Imagine if a “President Clinton” was to make a similar offer a year from now, why would any Iranian leader accept her word?

There is a fine line between being tough and being a braggart who plays to the audience of fear. Unfortunately, Senator Clinton’s remark crosses the line. Clinton appears willing to sell her soul for a few votes, but a president who seeks world peace would not sell a soul for such a cheap price.

Deadlockmania Sweeps Democratic Party As Hillary Wins

Senator Hillary Clinton continued chugging along as the famous little train does in the children’s story as she edged her way to the top of the Pennsylvania hill only to gaze downward in anticipation of more hurdles to overcome. The New York senator is flush with a smile of a ten point victory over Barack Obama that provided her renewed incentive to move ahead in an election heading for a deadlocked Democratic convention this summer. Senator Obama will undoubtedly win the North Carolina primary in two weeks which means there will not be a perceptible difference in his delegate and overalll vote lead in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination.

Reality is that a sudden lurch of super delegates to Clinton would anger young voters and the black voting community and without that group making a switch, Senator Clinton has absolutely no way to secure sufficient delgate votes to obtain the nomination. In a sense, she continues the Clinton self-destruct pattern of her husband Bill whose only thought of his own victory made him willing to sacrifice the Democratic party to electoral defeat.

The morning after victory, Senator Clinton is down to about $9 million in her bank account(with $10 million in debts) while Obama is secure with over $30 million to be spent on the next campaigns in Indiana and North Carolina.

The real question is why does Senator Clinton continue a campaign she cannot win? Why does she remain in a fight that delights Republican Senator John McCain? Why has she resorted to personal invective toward her fellow Democrat Barack Obama and presented the Republican Party with one after another points to use in the November election? What makes Hillary run other than a sense of self destruction, not for her personal self, but for the Democratic Party? Today, her train chugged upward to gain a hill, tomorrow her train plunges downward in pursuit of a John McCain triumph.

One possible scenario is a deadlocked convention in which neither of the two front runners gains a victory as delegates turn elsewhere in search of a third party who can united the party and gain victory in November.

Twirling Flags Of Patriotism

At some point, just about every presidential race in America comes down to the issue of which candidate is most able to wrap him or herself in the flag of patriotism. In the Obama-Clinton debate, Hillary Clinton, whose husband dodged serving in the Vietnam War, attacked Obama for his failure to wear a flag pin. He has also been charged with the horrible crime of not placing his hand over his heart while listening to the Star Spangled Banner. A major issue in the debate concerned Obama’s comments at a meeting in San Francisco where he used the word “bitter” to describe the mood of working people and claimed their bitterness led to supporting guns and religion.

If Clinton or Obama is the candidate they face the reality that John McCain is a war hero. Neither one is going to surpass the senator from New Mexico in closeness to the flag. The real issues of Iraq, an economy that is suffering, needs of the elderly, or medical care have somehow been pushed off the agenda so we can debate flag pins and a few words.

It is time for both Clinton and Obama to return to issues of this campaign and quit getting sidetracked about nothing. Sometimes, listening to these inane discussions about nothing one can only wonder if by accident he has wandered onto a TV set for the next Seinfeld show about nothing.

P.S. I do not wear a flag pin. How many people actually do wear one? And, I never place my hand over my heart, I listen to the words and music and reflect about my friends who died in Korea.

A German Perspective On The Next US President

German reporters for Der Spiegel reviewed for their readers the current situation in American politics and what Europeans can look forward to after the departure of George Bush from the presidency. The situation in the Democratic race is still unclear as Barack Obama added the states of Wyoming and Mississippi to his collection of primary wins. Clinton and Obama are fighting one another tooth and nail, but both are united on some basic issues regarding the necessity of change in American foreign policy.

According to Der Spiegel’s take on the current race: ‘Obama, Clinton and McCain have one thing in common. They have recognized that maintaining the status quo in Washington is not an option. They know that one of their main challenges will be to reestablish fundamental confidence in the United States, which has plunged worldwide. In this respect, each of them is a step forward for all Europeans, the overwhelming majority of whom are looking forward to the current president’s last day in the White House.”

Allthough we respect Der Spiegl’s analysis, we beg to differ on their interpretation of Senator John McCain. Although he does not have the bombastic style leadership of George Bush, the senator from Arizona lacks a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of change necessary for peace in the Middle East. He is too linked with military solutions and less understanding the military can only accomplish its goals if civilian efforts are successful.

It’s Tuesday– Are You Voting In Texas And Ohio?

Even as these words are being read, voters are in polling booths all over the states of Ohio and Texas helping to decide the future Democratic candidate for president. Senator Hillary Clinton has been blasting away at Senator Barack Obama for several weeks insisting he lacks experience and is a double dealing politician. She has picked up on reports that an Obama aide let Canadian officials know campaign rhetoric was one thing, but, in the end, Obama would support basic principles of free trade. Both candidates have been scrapping over NAFTA which for many people in Ohio has been a source of losing jobs. To complicate the situation today in Ohio, a major snow storm will hamper efforts to vote.

On one hand, Senator Hillary Clinton insists she has experience since she worked closely with her husband when he was president. On the other hand, President Clinton helped push NAFTA through Congress. Senator Clinton insists she is on the side of those opposing NAFTA. There apparently is also a belief gap on this issue stemming as much from Clinton as for Obama.

The central issue to be decided today is whether Senator Clinton continues her campaign untl the bitter end of the convention. Many leaders of the Democratic party will be furious if she pursues this quest, particularly if the votes simply are not there for her. Governor Richardson spoke for many in saying whoever emerges today with the most delegates should be supported for the nomination. Unfortunately, for Clinton, a narrow victory margin will not suffice to overcome the delegate lead of Obama.

The Ides of March are upon us and Senator Clinton should avoid murdering chances for a Democratic victory in November. Her husband did enough to aid Republicans in 2000 by his pursuit of females and hopefully the future will not be casting blame on Hillary Clinton for not knowning when to stop.

P.S. Vermont will probably go for Obama and Rhode Island for Clinton.

Good News For Bush-A European Leader Backs Him!

The vast majority of European leaders have been expressing negative feelings toward the Iraq war and the Bush administration, but Denmark’s prime minister expressed support for Bush policies and urged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to adhere to the wisdom of their beloved president. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Ramussen spoke out against the attitudes of Obama and Clinton during a visit to Washington D.C. He cautioned against their comments to pull out of Iraq. “These type of comments are what candidates say during an election campaign. But the reality is something which a new president will have to accept the rsponsibilities.” He defended both the US and Denmark participation in the conflict raging in Iraq. “It is the right and moral thing to do in sticking with the job.”

It is one thing for Denmark to send a thousand troops to Iraq, it is another thing for America to confront the reality nearly 4,000 of their sons and daughters have died in a war begun with lies, conducted with lies and incompetence, and lacking an overall plan for resolution. Americans support Danish rights to a free press regardless of whether it assists our military interests, we hope Denmark will support the right of Americans to achieve peace.

Race Tightens In Texas And Ohio

Latest figure from Reuters indicate the primary race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has tightened in the key states of Texas an Ohio. In Texas, Obama leads 45 percent to 43 percent for Clinton and in Ohio both candidates are even. Republican front-runner John McCain will score impressive victories in both states over his one remaining rival, Mike Huckabee. In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton made overnight gains in Texas due to her continued popularity among Hispanic voters in southern and western areas of the state. In Ohio, about six percent of voters are not certain regarding their vote and in Texas the figure is seven percent.

These figures, although encouraging for Clinton since she had fallen further behind a few days ago, are not sufficient for the New York senator in the race for the nomination. Most experts believe she has to hit a 60% figure in votes in order to catch up in the delegate count. If Clinton wins by a few percentage points, it still indicates she has failed to come across as a dominant figure in the race. Both Texas and Ohio were supposed to be her “firewall” states and coming out ahead by a point or so will not necessarily give her momentum.

Political Interference Damages Education In England

The most extensive study of primary education in Great Britain in forty years slammed efforts by the Labor Government for its blatant interference in the education processes of the nation. The Cambridge University-based Primary Review, blamed centralised control of England’s primary schools which has led to a devastating impact on children’s eduction. Micromanagement, meddling and a succession of government edicts have killed spontaneity in the nation’s classrooms. Teachers have been stripped of their powrs of discretion. And the net result of a decade of new Labor government education “reforms” has almost certainly been a decline in the quality of education. The report concludes it would have been better if the government had done nothing at all!

The reports blasted government actions which have resulted in the imposition of a “state theory of learning” in which teachers are not only told what to teach but how to teach it. This has resulted in a sharp decline in the quality of learning because of the “narrowing of the curriculum and the intensity of test preparation.” The result is teachers have become expert in coaching children how to take tests.

The report traces problems to the introduction by the Conservative govenment of a national curriculum in 1988 wich was strongly extended by the arrival of Labor governments in the 1990s. Altough test scores have risen, it has been achieved at the expense of children’s entitlement to a “broad and balanced curriculum and by the diversion of considerable teaching time to test preparation.”

The reports from Great Britain should be carefully studied by Clinton and Obama staffs. The Democratic party in 2002 jumped on the Bush bandwagon of No Child Left Behind which exemplifies everything being discussed in the new reports from England. So-called “liberal” Democrats like Ted Kennedy accepted the NCLB program without any thought to its impact on teaching and learning. It is time for the Democratic Party to turn away from state-mandated standards and return control of education, not to teacher organizatins, but to teachers.

The most important goal of education “reform” should be on decentralization of teaching and learning by empowering schools to venture on the adventurous task of inventing a new education that will meet the needs of the 21st century. Frankly, Senators Clinton and Obama, that goal will not be achieved by education bureaucrats working in teacher organizations.

Obama And Clinton–Is The Curtain Descending?

In a sense, last night’s Clinton-Obama debate was probably a final scene in the politics of despair and hope. The play is coming to a conclusion, the denouement will allow the audience to learn who is the victor and that, most probably, will be Senator Barack Obama. There is little sense arguing about Senator Clinton’s tactics for the simple reason she may not be on stage after next week’s primaries. Future political analysts will have a field day examining the Clinton strategy of emphasizing “experience” over “hope.” The American people justifiably grasp they are entering an historic period in their nation’s history and the past must serve as a prelude to a new future. Barack Obama has understood from day one of his campaign the importance of advocating the “politics of hope” to a fatigued society. Americans have been “Iraqued out” and have become frightened other powers are passing them by in the race for economic supremacy.

Hillary Clinton’s performance merely reflects death of politics of the past in which personal attacks are the foundation of victory. Americans don’t care who received the first or the last question, they are not concerned over which words must be used to denounce or reject an evil person’s support. Senator Clinton is correct that Barack Obama uses lofty words to express his goals, but so did Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Each of those great Democratic Party leaders reassured a nation wracked by fear a new world was a’borning. FDR told Americans in 1933 the only thing to fear was fear itself and John Kennedy asked not what the country could do for you but what could you do for the country.

John McCain has the same problem that Hillary Clinton faced –he offers the experience of passed failure, but no hope for a new future. America does NOT wish continuation of current policies, it desires a new opening into the future.