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Sarcasm-The Last Resort Of The Defeated

Senator Hillary Clinton has decided to go all out in her last ditch campaign for victory even if her tactics will not resonate with the American people. In remarks to a supportive audience at Rhode Island Colege, Clinton insisted none of the problems confronting the nation will be readily resolved, but she went on in a derisive tone to comment: “Now I could stand up here and say, ‘Let’s just get eveybody together. Let’s get unified. The sky will open. The light will come down. Celestial choirs willbe singing, and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect.” She mocked her rival by insisting, “you are not going to wave a magic wand and have the special interests disappear.”

Senator Clinton is right, there are no simple solutions to problems in foreign policy or restoring the economy. She still doesn’t grasp how tired is this nation of vicious attacks by rival political parties on opponents, of an emotional fatigue brought on by assaults upon the rights of people and a government which derides opponents as soft on terrorism for opposing its policies. The American people do not regard themselves as living in red or blue states, they are a unified nation with common goals. Throughout the primary campaign, Hillary Clinton has tried the politics as usual approach and believes past experience is a guide to future solutions. She still doesn’t get the point, Americans want a new future in which political leaders seek to unite rather than divide. That is why she will not be the candidate of the Democratic Party in November.

John McCain, Rush Limbaugh, And New York Times

John McCain has suddenly become a darling of the religious and far right crowd because the New York Times published an article which claimed there might have been a romantic relationship between the senator and a female lobbyist. Rush Limbaugh and other TV pundits are up in arms at the very suggestion a prominent political leader could be chaged with sexul misconduct and accuses the New York Times of slanderous news reporting. It is reported thousands of dollars are pouring into McCain’s coffers as a result of this newspaper attack. Rush hopes McCain has learned from this lesson what happens when one is friendly to liberals who halt at no point in their mean-spirited manner of slandering right thinking political leaders.

Perhaps, I have been sleep walking these past few years, but don’t I recall Mr. Limbaugh –AND the New York Times printing slanderous comments about the alledged Whitewater Scandal? I assume the New York Times prints all the news that is fit to print when it publishes false accusations against Democrats. The Clintons were never proven guilty of anything related to Whitewater but Rush Limbaugh– AND the New York Times had a field day smearing their reputations. I believe Mr. Limbaugh never said a word about Monica Lewinsky on his program because he does not believe in discussing the personal romantic lives of political leaders. If there was an Olympic medal for hypocrisy, Rush Limbaugh would win the Gold.

The New York Times received information from a former aide of John McCain who hinted there may have been improper behavior on the part of McCain. After all, the Senate reprimanded McCain in the 1980s for improper behavior involving a banking scandal. Their was certainly grounds to pursue the story. Perhaps, Mr. Limbaugh can agree to halt any further personal attacks on Democrats in exchange for Democrats halting personal comments about his new hero, John McCain.

Does Hillary Hear Sounds Of The Fat Lady Singing?

Senator Hillary Clinton has less than two weeks to make a dramatic change in the upcoming key primaries of Texas and Ohio. The polls increasingly show her opponent is catching up in the so-called firewall states and her increasingly tired remarks just are not resonating with the American public. Perhaps, the most confusing aspect of the Clinton race for the nomination is the inept non planning for post super-Tuesday primaries throughout the nation. As she calmly sat back and talked about winning in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, Barack Obama was storming around the nation capturing one primary after another. The other day, Clinton expressed surprise to her staff at the manner in which Texas delegates were apportioned, didn’t anyone know about this process?

Future analysts will examine the Hillary Clinton campaign as a case study in ineptness. They will be most shocked at the Clinton failure to have a strategy, to identify key themes, and to separate herself from the control of loyal staff members and go before the American people as a passionate believer in liberalism. Her message is flat, her tone is tired, and her body language remains stiff. Hillary Clinton’s most apparent mistake was allowing her husband to play a prominent role in the campaign, Bill was a distraction and hurt her image as a powerful woman and political leader in her own right.

The fat lady’s voice can be heard and it will be thundering on March 4 with the sounds of defeat. When she comes onstage, it is time for Senator Clinton to get off, and return to the Senate where she has done excellent work. Bill can go back to his $200,000 a speech ways and Barack Obama can assume the mantle of leading the Democratic party.

Silly Season In Full Swing In American Politics

The silly season of American politics hit full stride with Senator Hillary Clinton charging Barack Obama with plagiarism for taking words from a speech made by the governor of Massachusett and the unpardonable sin of using HER ideas in his speeches. Governor Deval Patrick, a supporter of Obama, made a speech defending the power of oratory which is now available on YouTube. A Clinton spokesperson, Howard Wolfson, says this terrible crime on the part of Obama, “raises questions aboout the premise of his candidacy.”

I guess the Clinton group will next take after Shakespeare whose play ideas were continually lifted from previous plays done by other authors. Frankly, the American people really don’t care about such serious concerns. They are slightly more interested in winding down the war in Iraq or obtaining medical care than who said what first or last or whenever.

Clinton Not Welcome, Says Catholic Archbishop

Archbishop Jose Gomez of San Antonio, made it clear that Senator Hillary Clinton was not welcome at St. Mary’s University because of her support for abortion rights and stem-cell-research. He apparently was responding to numerous emails and phone complaints about Clinton’s appearance at the local university. The Archbishop was upset at lack of contact from university officials concerning her talk. “I was neither advised nor consulted by the university before the decision was made to have Senator Clinton speak at the university.”

St. Mary’s University is an independent liberal arts college and there is no reason why it must clear the names of speakers with an archbishop. It is the duty of universities to offer an open forum to speakers holding diverse views. A Catholic university that allows abortion supporters is not “giving a platform” for abortion, it is allowing students the right to make informed choices.

Obama Sweeps Ahead -Also In Delegate Count

The ever chugging train of Barack Obama continued puffing along as the Illinois Senator swept through three more states on his road to the Democratic convention. He gained an easy victory over Clinton in Nebraska by 68% to 32% and in Washington by 68% to 31% while his margin of victory in Louisiana was 57% to 37%. It is expected he will do well in Maine and should easily gain victory in Tuesday’s eelction in Washington D.C. was well as in Maryland and Viginia. An interesting facet of his victories is the manner in which his name brings out more voters, there were twice as many voting in Nebraska this year as in 2004. The latest AP count indicates Obama may be slightly ahead in delegate support.

Some Democratic analysts worry the Clinton-Obama struggle will undermine their chances for victory in November. They express concern over expenditue of money, time, and energy while John McCain can sit calmly by and work at raising funds. We beg to differ with this view. Obama and Clinton are energizing Demcorats to come out and vote. They are stirring emotions, passions, and keeping their names in the everyday headlines. The end result will be greater momentum going into fall elections.

The real issue is what happens at the convention. Obama is gaining triumph in more states while Clinton wins the larger ones. Reality is those large states will vote Democratic regardless of whether Clinton or Obama is on the ballot. The more they fight with one another, the greater will be the vote count in November.

In the meantime, John McCain got whipped soundly by Huckabee in Kansas. McCain might well suffer from inaction in terms of having a public forum.

Romney Quits Race-Insults Democratic Party!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney decided to suspend his presidential race and, literally, turn over the nomination to Senator John McCain. His concession speech contained insulting language which is inappropriate for a man who aspired to the presidential nomination of this nation. “If I fight on in my campaign,” he said, “all the way to the conventin, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And, in a time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be part of aiding a surrender to terror.”

To assume victory by either Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack Obama signifies some sort of “surrender to terror” not merely insults these two outstanding Americans, but insults everyone in this nation who opposes the failed policies of Geroge Bush. Most Americans want this year’s presidential race to be one in which all parties maintain respect for the integrity and dignity of one another. We have had enough of George Bush slime and invective. Mitt Romney is a disgrace to anyone who voted for him. His filthy mouthed slanders belong in the garbage bins of history.

Clinton Does Well With Jewish Vote In Primaries

The Democratic primary vote reveals a strong turnout on the part of American Jews whose voting, overall, appears to have given Hillary Clinton an advantage over Barack Obama. According to exit polls, Clinton won big among Jews in New York and New Jersey garnering 65% in her home state and 635 in the neighboring New Jersey. Clinton was obtaining a majority of Jews in California with about 48% to 44% for Obama. Massachusetts revealed a surprising Obama victory for the Jewish vote where he obtained 52% despite losing the state and he did exceptionally well in Connecticut with 61% of the Jewish vote.

Jewish turnout was disprportionarely high. Jews made up 16% of the Democratic electorate in New York, 10% in Connecticut, 9% in New Jersey, 6% in Massachuetts, and 5% in California. This high percent of Jews voting for Hillary Clinton may well have been a major factor in her strong showing in New York and New Jersey. It probably aided Obama in Connecticut.

There may have been a tendency among American Jews to back Clinton whom they view as stronger on military action in the Middle East. For American Jews who place Israel as a factor in their voting, apparently that group went stronger for Hillary Clinton.

Superman vs Superwoman On Super Tuesday

The ballots are just about all in, the talk is just about done for a day, and uncertainty is the main result of the Democratic primaries. The two candidates went head to head in state after state and when the dust has settled we know something but not everything. There is little doubt Obama is still in the race and there is not doubt Clinton and Obama will enter the Democratic convention a bit unclear as to who will stand on the platform raising a hand in victory. Obama won more primaries and Clinton garnered more delegate votes. Early analysis is the candidates split the white male vote and Obama appears to have obtained nearly 40% of the female vote.

A review of results indicates Clinton did well on the coasts, dug into Obama’s strength in southern states while he did much better throughout the midwest. The vote definitely indicates Obama can win white votes as much as Clinton is still very popular among many African American voters. The absence of John Edwards reveals that Obama apparently is picking up a majority of his former rival’s supporters which bodes well for him in upcoming elections. Among the election day surprises was Clinton’s handy wins in Massachusetts despite the active support of Ted Kennedy for Obama. This suggests Clinton has real support from traditional Democrats and most probably this will aid her in primaries in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Missouri has always been a bellweather state whose winner stands a good opportunity to win the November election and Obama was able to run strong throughout the state even in the more conservative rural areas. His victory in Minnesota is one in a state with few black Americans.

The coming months will witness struggles for major remaining states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and some border and western states. No clear pattern is yet available as to which of the two will sweep to victory in these states.

As for the Republican primary fight, it appears all over with John McCain a clear victory.

Edwards Drops Out–Who Can Catch His Followers?

John Edwads dropped out of the Democratic contest for the nomination as candidate for the presidency but left in his wake uncertainty as to who would capture the voters he was attracting. His departure places new pressure on Clinton and Obama to address his issues of poverty and concern for the underclass of America. Edwards refused to indicate who was his choice for the presidency, but undoubtedly his exit requires Clinton and Obama to come up with ideas that would capture the support of those who were voting for the fromer senator.

Barack Obama continues making a connection to the legacy of John F. Kennedy, a figure who is in the minds of Baby Boomers. However, Obama fails to realize for the elderly of this nation, the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman is much more significant than the brief interlude when Kennedy was president. Edwards understood union people connect with New Deal legislation which finally gave freedom for unions to organize workers against the power of corporate interests. Edwards knows how to speak with a working man who dislikes the “guys in the suits,” a different conception than what Obama argues when he calls for people to come together. It is the men in suits who wield power over the lives of working people and John Edwards knew how to arouse that feeling. If Obama wants that group, he will have to change his words and program.

Hillary Clinton is gaining the support of the elderly and union members. Obama is most probably gaining the support of youngrer Democrats and Baby Boomers. Unfortunately for Obama, a higher percent of the elderly and union people vote in primaries and that is why Clinton won in Florida. Will Obama be able to address those people and their needs? If he does not, he will not gain the nomination.