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Czech President Opposes Global Warming Hysteria

Speaking before the ultra conservative Council for National Policy,(CNP) President Vaclav Klalus of the Czech Republic tore into ideas that such a thing as global warming was actually happening in the world. He condemned the “irrationality” of considering climate change a threat to the future of humankind, and urged that financial assistance be provided to scientists who reject “global warming alarmism” as of any concern to people in the world. The president also spoke out in favor of stationing American missiles on his nation’s territory. Afterward, Klaus had a friendly chat with his old buddy, Vice President Dick Cheney.

It is the 21st century, huge areas of the Arctic region are melting, and educated people like President Klaus actually believe it is all a hoax. For some reason, he believes scientists who oppose global warming should receive additional financing, but opposes those telling the truth about what is happening in the world. Of course, it is no surprise he is a good friend of Dick Cheney. In the meantime, for some strange reason, President Bush is holding a conference on climate change. Does this suggest the conference is really a farce?