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Karzai Blasts US And Coalition

President Karzai allowed his frustrations at the conduct of the war to explode in vigorous condemnation of the efforts by American and coalition forces to combat the Tabliban. “We haven’t accepted the international community so our lives could get worse,” he said, arguing his people could accept some difficulties in the war, but the style of fighting as conducted by the United States and NaTO, “can’t be the only way forever.” He insisted he was not asking for those fighting on his side to leave but he did want a date by which they had accomplished their goals. Karzai is particularly upset at the constant air strikes which all too often result in the death of innocent civilians.

All Secretary of State Rice could respond is that “I don’t think one sets timetables on when wars end.” Actually, there were timetables in operation during World War II which may help to account for being able to know if one was winning or losing. The lack of timetables means wars can go on forever.

Of course, it would help if Karzai actually ran an honest government that met the needs of people.

Peace Day In Afghanistan Is Sort Of Peaceful

Forces fighting in Afghanistan tried their best to adhere to a United Nations call for an international day of peace. For the most part, Afghan, US, Coalition and Taliban military held back on firing their weapons allowing the UN to say: “all stood down from offensive military operations in support of the biggest International Peace Day effort that Afghanistan has known.” There were two minor examples of violence by the Taliban that resulted in several deaths. The Taliban evidently sent emails to their forces urging them to stand down from violence during the day of peace.

Perhaps, there is something ironic in persuading those engaged in fighting to hold off for a day so no one can get killed. An optimist would argue if it can be done for a single day why not for a week or month or even year.

Is The Taliban The Taliban?

Fighting continues in Afghanistan as coalition and Afghan forces clash with elements of the Taliban. Yesterday, in two separate fights, Coalition and Afghan forces called in air strikes which resulted in the death of 165 “supposed members of the Taliban.” We use quotation marks because most of the people killed who coalition forces claimed were members of the Taliban were killed by bombs dropped by planes. Karim Khan, who lived in one of the villages in which the Taliban were killed, claimed coalition and Afghan forces entered the village and “arrested innocent villagers from three homes and called them Taliban.”The Vietnam War taught many Americans how difficult it was to identify people killed by high flying bombers. A plane traveling hundreds of miles an hour drops bombs on individuals who someone on the ground identifies as the enemy. Of course, the Taliban frequently place themselves within a village to confuse coalition and Afghan forces. There is little doubt innocent civilians are killed and their deaths are placed in the category of “dead Taliban.”