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Taliban Code Conduct Dismissed By US

Taliban leaders have issued a new code of conduct entitled: “Taliban 2009 Rules and Regulations Booklet” which supposedly outlines how their soldiers must conduct themselves. It apparently is partly an attempt to emphasize the authority of Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, as the supreme head and the one who makes decisions. The code informs Taliban militants to respect the rules of war, to lessen the use of suicide bombers and to respect civilians and avoid injuring them in the course of battle. The code says “any official, soldier, contractor or worker of the slave government” who is captured “cannot be attacked or harmed.” American military authorities condemned the booklet as mere propaganda.

There is no doubt the code is enemy propaganda, but so what. At least they are publicly stating that prisoners will not be killed. Certainly, we prefer they state it is against their policy to kill prisoners than to boast they will kill them. Heck, why not distribute the booklet all over Afghanistan.