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Let Me Light Up To Die!

The decision of the Turkish government to ban smoking in coffee shops has aroused fury among owners of the shops as well as disaffected customers who believe they have the right to light up. More than 10,000 coffee shop owners displayed their anger by gathering in Anakara to shout their defiance. They warned the government imposing a ban would crush their establishments and result in unhappy Turks. Among the protestors were many signs saying, “We Want A Smoking Initiative.”

Shops owners claim at least 10,000 workers have been fired as shop owners prepare for a sharp drop in business once the ban goes into effect. Some protestors even threatened to go on a hunger strike unless their demands were respected. Of course, we wonder if during the hunger strike participants will be allowed to smoke.

Of course, inherent in these fears is the belief it is certain that customers will not come to coffee shops if they cannot smoke. That is an assumption that must be tested.

Dutch Coffee House Test Case On Drugs

The Dutch have long been known as a nation in which people have extensive freedom regarding the use of drugs and its coffee shops have been allowed to sell marijuana. For some reason, law enforcement officials have decided to prosecute the owners and employees of one of the country’s largest “coffee-houses” in a case that might have widespread implications for the legal use of drugs. Meddy Willemsen is accused of encouraging illegal cannabis cultivation and running an organized supply chain which provides marijuana to people.Cannabis can legally be sold to consumers in amounts not exceeding 5 grams per person, but large-scale cultivation and bulk buying of the drug is prohibited. Thus, marijuana and hashish are allowed to leave the coffee shop through the front door, but you can’t bring them in the back door.

Some members of parliament want to crack down on all use of marijuana while most mayors want it to be legal and even expanded. In theory the operation of these coffee-shops have technically been in violation of the law, but its common sense approach to drugs has spared the Netherlands from the abuses that are known in nations like the United States where gangs fight over territory and destroy communities. We suggest every member of the Netherland parliament be given a free two week visit to Mexico where they can study the impact of illegal drugs on the lives of people and the nation.

Should Dutch Cannabis Coffee Shops Be Closed?

Mayors in several Dutch towns have decided to close down coffee shops which cater to foreigners in search of a nice quiet place to enjoy a smoke of the weed. The mayors are upset because thousands of foreigners flock to these coffee shops and supposedly create a nuisance by purchasing coffee or cannabis. The decision comes in the midst of demands by over thirty Dutch mayors for the right to grow cannabis under control of local authorities and sell the weed to the coffee shops in order to break the grip of criminals who control the growing and distribution of the weed. According to Mayor Gerd Leers of Maastricht, closing down coffee shops will not halt the smoking of cannabis, but it “will only lead to more crime.”

The Dutch are more progressive than most societies in the western world by allowing controlled smoking of cannabis. It is only logical for the government to take control of growing the product and supervising its placement in coffee shops. Let the foreigners come as they wish, it is good for business and makes for happier human beings in the world.

Cannabis Supply And Demand In Holland!

The old adage about if you can’t beat them, then join them, is being given an interesting experiment in Holland as the city of Eindhoven is suggesting a plan by which it would have a plantation to grown cannabis and then supply local coffee shops where the sale of such drugs is perfectly legal. The Netherlands has long been famous for its lax laws which allow for the possession of less than 5 grams of marijuana and its sale in coffee shops. Rob de Gijzel, mayor of Eindhoven says, “It’s time we experimented with a system of regulated plantations so we can have strict guidelines and control on the quality and price.”

There are concerns on the increasing strength of unregulated cannabis. There is hope a government controlled policy and ownership of cannabis will deal a death blow to criminal elements. Criminalizing human behavior never works.