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Colin Powell Wanted A Surge Before Bush Spoke

A war that lasts six years invariably results in either loss of or distortion of memory by those who lived through the experience. A Fox News version offers a view that Iraq was a mess until George Bush got the brilliant idea for a surge of troops. Of course, even before the invasion of March, 2003, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff urged an invasion force of about 300,000 in order to deal with violence that would break out once the fighting ended. He was fired for that advice by the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld trio. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell told CNN that Bush made a tragic mistake by not dispatching more troops once the formal stage of fighting had ended. According to Powell, “it took us, in my judgment, too long to recognize that we needed to put more force in.”

Rush, and Lou Dobbs, and Ann and the rest of the right wing media prefer inhabiting a world in which the truth has never knocked on their doors.

Obama Invites Colin Powell To Serve!

Barak Obama not only welcomed the endorsement of Colin Powell, but offered to have him serve as an advisor in his administration if he was elected. “He will have a role as one of my advisors. Whether he wants to take a formal role, whether that’s a good fit for him, is something we’d have to discuss.” The Illinois senator expressed surprise at the endorsement saying he had no prior indication the former Bush secretary of state would switch his allegiance to the Republican party.

Powell expressed his regret at disappointing an old friend, Senator McCain, but made clear his disappointment with the selection of Sara Palin as a running mate. As an old warrior, Colin Powell understands the person who is second-in-command must possess similar abilities to that of the commanding general. Palin’s second rate mind and experience would more qualify the Alaska governor for the position of a bird watcher since she spends so much time gazing across the Bering Straits in order to become more knowledgeable concerning Russia.

US Second Thoughts About Pakistan?

The violent attack upon former prime minister Benazir Bhutto during her return from exile has raised uncomfortable second thoughts in the minds of the Bush administration. It was Bush who pushed for a power-shaing deal between the Pakistan People’s Party leader, Benazir Bhutto and President Musharraf. He feared Musharraf required additional political support in order to maintain power in the face of strong opposition from fundamentalist groups. After the attack, Mrs. Bhutto made several veiled allusions to possible actions by supporters of Musharraf in carrying out the bombing attack.

During the past few years, Bush officials have courted Bhutto while she was in exile as they searched for additional support for Musharraf. They feared the return of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifm who is an acknowledged enemy of Musharraf would leave him without sufficient support. There are reports members of the American State Department from the beginning opposed power sharing between Bhutto and Musharraf because of her volatile past and the reality large sections of the Pakistan population opposed her policies. According to southeast Asia analyst, Bruce Riedel, “Mrs. Bhutto and Mr. Musharraf detest each other and the concept that they can somehow work collaboratively is a real stretch.”

The current confusion in Pakistan is merely another example of the inept Bush approach to diplomacy. State department experts were wary of the merger of two people who lacked confidence in one another, but at that period, Colin Powell was secretary of state and his advice was usually ignored. The Bush go alone approach again may prove disastrous to American foreign policy interests.