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China Faces Employment Crisis

The economic crisis continues to spread throughout the world with nations encountering serious issues of being able to offer work to its workers and students. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, promised the government would do something to assist college graduates who face a terrible job situation that most probably will get worse before it gets better. “your difficulties are my difficulties,” he told students at Beijing University. He admitted the nation faced severe economic issues, but a priority was developing programs that would meet student needs. However, he also noted there were other issues to be resolved. “But, currently we are most concerned about two issues, migrant workers returning home and employment for graduates.”

Most probably, the issue of migrant workers may be the returning to farms and villages. This group could become a force that would threaten established law and order since they have lived the good life of being in a city and now must return to the misery of rural life in China.

Yemen Youth Fight For Democracy

A new generation is being born in Yemen of young people who wish to put an end to historic inertia and government corruption in order to move their nation into the 21st century. About thirty students from three universities released a document urging young people to unite and fight to end corruption in their nation. The Human Rights Information and Training Center(HRITC) worked with young college students in order to help them develop programs to reform Yemen society. The goal of the training center is to create a new generation of youth. “When we create such youth, they themselves will spread awareness among people in their districts and the environments they live in.”

The document focuses on political, social, and police corruption in Yemen. Young people intend to spread out in their nation offering workshops to all segments of the population.

Iranian Students Shout “Death To Dictator”

About a hundred Iranian college students demonstrated in protest against a speech by President Ahmadinejad to mark the opening of the new college year by shouting “death to dictator.” A pushing match emerged between the anti-Ahmadinejad students and his supporters who responded with “thank you, president.” College officials attempted to prevent anti-Ahmadinejad protests by carefully checking students entering the hall in order to avoid having anyone present who would insult the president. Iranian students led the reform movement of their nation for many years, but have been relatively quiet since Ahmadinejad assumed office a few years ago.

President Bush still does not grasp that every time he attacks Ahmadinejad it makes the Iranian leader more popular in his nation. Unfortunately, Bush is even hated more than the incompetent Adhmadinejad whose policies have failed to deal with economic stagnation or large scale unemployment. Bush’s anti-Iran policies only serve to strengthen the very forces he dislikes.