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Bridges Don’t Kill Students, Colleges Do!

It is the conclusion of a snow filled winter in New York which has created both physical and emotional experiences for humans that lead to a feelings of depression or a sense of being overwhelmed by the entirety of life. During the past month, three students at Cornell University went to a bridge and jumped off. The university ha snow posted guards at the bridge to prevent other suicides. Some officials blame the beautiful gorges around the area as offering young people a public place in which to kill themselves. Initially, the university is extending counseling hours and knocking on doors to ask if anyone is thinking of jumping off a bridge.

We ignore how the modern university has become more of a factory that a center in which those seeking to learn can come together and explore the realm of knowledge. Students cram for tests in order to cram their minds full of bits and pieces of data that can be regurgitated on a test. Perhaps, it is time to check on the state of what is taught in colleges and how it is taught and who does the teaching if one is serious about discovering why some students jump off bridges!