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Czech Republic Introduces College Tuition

For over a hundred years it was common in most parts of Europe, and in the United States, for college bound students to have the option of attending a college which did not charge tuition. New York City alone had four free colleges students could attend either as day or night time students. The Czech Republic has free colleges, but the government is proposing introducing the concept of tuition for students. As one student noted, “the introduction of university tuition would deepen the divide between real opportunities of poor and rich students.” For many, the idea of securing a degree from college might cease being an option. Those in favor of tuition argue costs have risen, there are serious economic problems confronting most European nations, and college students must recognize the old days of a free ride are over.

The argument for tuition invariably returns to a sick economy and need for all to sacrifice. In the United States, Wall Street stock people sacrifice to the tune of only taking $100 million bonuses instead of $200 million ones. It is time those who have vast amounts of money take a smaller piece of the profit pie and share with those who have been screwed by financial sectors of society.

Students Have To Pay Up Says UK Minister

David Willetts is the new universities minister of the Cameron/Clegg government which has assume power in the United Kingdom. He warned students the cost of their university education has become “a burden on the taxpayer that has to be attacked” and students should grasp paying additional tuition was a “responsibility.” One assumes the responsibility is to their nation which so graciously allowed them to accumulate debt. Aaron Porter of the National Union of Students estimates a typical student graduates with a debt of about $45,000. Willetts is concerned that graduates do not have to begin paying off debts until they are earning about $30,000 a year. It is clear the new Cameron government will add some castor oil to students in the form of higher tuition payments.

During the Depression of the 1930s when one-fourth of the American workforce did not have a job and the economy was in ruins, New York City had four FREE colleges and many other cities also offered poor students a chance to obtain a college degree without spending money on tuition. Some today mighty argue living expenses are higher and professors require higher salaries and overhead has risen due to the need for hundreds of administrators, but one might question how can colleges reduce expenses instead of raising tuition? Why could colleges be free when economic conditions were much worse than today?

Here is a common sense alternative to the issue of tuition:

Offer students an option of no tuition in exchange for them paying 1% of their annual income in return for securing a free education.

Snafus Delay College Payments For Vets

The good news is there is a new G.I. Bill of Rights for veterans attending college, the bad news is there is a new G.I. Bill of Rights for veterans attending college that can not get the money delivered on time. Paul Rieckhoff, executive director of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, (IAVA) wryly comments, “after spending years fighting for a new GI Bill, IAVA is frustrated to hear that veterans are being forced to wait for GI Bill check that are being cut late.” The VA blames the fact the bill did not become law until August and the two step process of validating the veteran status of the individual and then dealing with college tuition payments is taking more time than expected.

Oh well, a nation makes certain soldiers get to the battlefield on time, it’s only when they leave the service that delays and bureaucracy get in the way of delivering the money. As WWII soldiers used to say, “Kilroy was here, ” only Kilroy did not bring the money.