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Issue Of Great Import-Size Of Mosques!!

As I wander around America, it becomes clear in the midst of poverty and financial ruin, every community must have a church of bank within three blocks of one another. Now, along come Muslims who dare to build mosques that are “too big” or “too tall.” I thought the object of a church or mosque was to get as high as possible in order to be nearer to God. These days in Germany, a hot topic to cause controversy is the height or size of a mosque that Muslims wish to construct. It is unclear to any sane individual why some Germans believe building a large, tall mosque somehow infringes on their rights and threatens their religion. Some German politicians term the proposed large mosque to be built in Cologne an attempt to challenge Christianity.

OK, it might be a valid complaint that a call to prayer over a loudspeaker than can reach for a long distance infringes on the right of privacy of Christians. But, how does building a mosque for Muslims which will be staffed by Muslims and only cater to Muslims infringe on anyone’s rights or property?

Perhaps, opponents can solicit funding for a church that is twice the size of the mosque which undoubtedly would result in a bigger mosque and so on. Who cares. As I recall, it is not the size of height of churches or mosques that are important, but what goes on inside them.