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Roses For Bullets Urge Colombians

Civil war has raged in Colombia nor nearly half of the twentieth century and there is currently scant hope for any quick resolution of fighting. Well over a million Colombians clad in white and cheering, ‘No More Kidnapping” marked their independence day on Sunday with marches and concerts demanding freedom for hostages still held by leftist rebels.In some 40 cities across the land, people shouted “freedom” as they marched and sang in hope for an end to bloodshed. In Paris, newly freed hostage Ingrid Betancourt addressed rebel leader Alfonso Base with a plea: “Understand that it’s now time to stop spilling blood, that the time has come to exchange those rifles for roses.”

The people of Colombia are tired of drug lords and so-called “leftists” whose only apparent concern for the masses is how much money its leaders can amass for themselves. Perhaps, it is also time to re-evaluate the criminalization of drugs and seek new ways to end drug lords by the simple act of ceasing to make trafficking in drugs a criminal offense.

Hugo Chavez Rants Against Colombian Raid

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela never misses an opportunity to stride upon the stage of pomposity in order to inform the world who is good or bad. He termed the recent raid by Colombian troops upon FARC rebels hiding in Ecaudor as a “war crime” and demanded internatinal condemnation of the action. The Organization of American States approved a resolution calling the Colombian military raid a violation of Ecuadorean sovereignty. But, for Chavez, the self-appointed guardian of what must transpire in Latin America, much more is required. Ecuador’s Pesident Rafael Correa announced his nation was cutting off diplomatic relations with Venezuela.

Lost in the rhetoric of defiance is any mention that Ecuador–and Venezuela– have given refugees to drug dealing so-called “leftist” forces who have kidnapped people and held them for ransom as well as cooperating with drug lords. Chavez told Colombia he didn’t care about their $6 billion annual trade and might even nationalize the assets of Colombian investors in his nation.

For some reason, Chavez did not find time to condemn Turkey’s recent eight day invasion of northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebel forces. Ecuador can not afford refuge to rebels who long past have lost any respect as agents of reform in Colombia. They are simply cut-throat drug dealers who kidnap and abuse people.

Are Sounds Of War Being Heard In South America?

Troops from Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia are poised at their borders awaiing possible new developments in the conflict which has emerged from Colombia’s effort to wipe out the FARC rebel groups. The Colombin government even charged FARC with building a radioactive “dirty bomb” for use against its troops. The allegation was made by Colombian vice-president Francisco Santos to a UN group in Geneva, but he did not offer any evidence to support the allegation. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a self appointed guardian of South America, thrust his nation into the fray when he condemned the Colombian attack on a FARC camp one mile into Ecuador an a violation of his guidelines for peace in the regon.

Even Comrade Fidel Castro jumped into action with a newspaper column where he warned:
“we can plainly hear the trumphets of war to the south of our continent as a consequence of genocidal plans of the Yankee empire.” The Colombian operation was against terrorists who are into drug trafficking and kidnapping. Exactly how dealing with cut-throat gangsters is connected to “genocidal plans” only the Supreme Leader knows. The United States history of involvement in Latin America is terrible, but this is one time, the situation is strictly a Colombian affair.

Dogs Of War Barking In Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez moved tanks to the border of Colombia and mobilized jet fighter planes as he warned the Colombian government their continued attacks on FARC rebels hiding in Ecuador might spark war. Colombia’s military said on Saturday its troops killed Raul Reyes, a leader of the Marxist FARC rebels duing an attack on his jungle camp in Ecuador. The operation included air strikes and fighting with rebels in border regions. Chavez in his usuual rhetoric ordered the Venezuelan military to move 10 battalions to the frontier of Colombia and said: “May God spare us war. But we are not going to allow them to violate out sovereign territory.”

The FARC rebellion began as a political movement directed at the Colombian government. As years passed, the rebels increasingly turned towards working with drug lords and lost their revolutionary fervor once money became more important. Chavez dared to call the FARC rebel leader’s death, a “cowardly assassination” of a “good revolutionary.” The only thing good about FARC is its ability to make money from drugs. They long ago lost any connection to revolutionary ideals related to poverty and injustice.