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What’s New In The World Of Smuggling?

Smugglers are undoubtedly among the world’s most innovative thinkers as they device intricate ways of getting their goods to market. The latest idea to emerge from Colombia is the use of fiberglass submarines which carry up to ten tons of cocaine and have been rather successful at eluding Colombian police and military. A recent TV clip showed images of m en emerging from their fiberglass sub, opening hatches designed to let in water, and jump off as the sub sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and police had no evidence they had broken the law. The subs carry a load of about 10 tons of cocaine and take up to two weeks to reach their destination, at which time the sub is scuttled.

The TV clip shows Colombian navy personnel picking up the men who are in lifeboats after the fiberglass vessel sank into the Pacific Ocean. Captain Gustavo Angel is quoted as saying, “we kept the cargo from being distributed in the international market which is our main goal.” An observer might wonder if the Colombian nation might benefit by tapping into the creative thinking of its smugglers who apparently now use planes in the air, ships on the surface of the ocean, and fiberglass subs plying under the water. What next-balloons?