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Gadhafi Against Terrorism

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi who has admitted supporting terrorist groups as well as blowing up a Pan Am jetliner over Scotland which caused the death of 270 people is firmly against any form of terrorism and is furious that even though he admitted being responsible for the airliner crash no one rewarded him for honesty. After all, it does say in the Koran a man who kills 270 people and apologizes is entitled to a considerable cash reward. On a visit to Italy, the mouth that roars blamed the United States for the spread of terrorism in the world by its foolish invasion of Iraq. He pointed out Al-Qaeda “couldn’t have entered the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, ” but through Bush stupidity it has “become an Islamic extremist state.”

The Libyan leader was pleased Italy apologized for its colonial past and paid $6 billion for the damage done to the Libyan past. I am confused. Italy apologized and paid money, but no one rewarded them for honesty! Wait a second. Gadhafi did meet with 700 Italian women, I guess that was the reward, Italian women were given an opportunity to make out with Libya’s best make-out man.