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Israel Shoots Self In Foot–Again!

A flotilla of ships headed for the Gaza Strip with supplies were sailing in international waters when Israel commandos decided to halt the vessels, storm them and wind up with a gun battle in which at least ten–probably more– died. The dead were not soldiers, they were civilians who had decided to bring non-military supplies to the people of Gaza. Once again, arrogant, self righteous Israelis demonstrated a complete lack of political sense by responding to civilian supplies with guns. There is scant doubt Israel will be condemned by the UN Security Council for attacking ships which flew the Turkish flag while in INTERNATIONAL WATERS! An assault upon vessels sailing in international waters falls into the category of piracy. Of course once again, Israel officials are claiming something termed, “political provocation” as justification for sending commandos with guns ready onto ships carrying passengers.

It frequently becomes difficult attempting to grasp the intelligence of Israel leaders. They possess a death wish whose ultimate goal is to completely isolate their nation from the rest of the world. A few years ago, Turkey was a trusted friend, today, Turkey will most probably cut diplomatic relations with Israel. When will the people of Israel wake up, get rid of the Netanyahu government, and place in charge of their nation, diplomats who understand that force is not the solution to problem solving!