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Russian Political Opposition Cries-Rigged Election!

Leaders of opposition parties to President Putin’s United Russia party insist election results do not reflect the actual manner in which the Russian people voted. Gennady Zyuganov, head of the Communist Party, claimed his own examination of local polling stations indicated his party should have obtained at least 15% of the vote instead of the reported 11.1%. Given Putin’s complete domination of the media, it was remarkable that his party even secured that many votes. A similar feeling was expressed by Vladmir Zhrinovsky, head of the Liberal Democrats whose party obtained 8.8% although his reports indicated they should have gotten at least 12% of the vote. In one of the most ironic statements to emanate from modern Russia, Zyugaov, whose party still adheres to communist ideas, stated: “We are the last remaining guarantee of the freedom os pseech, democracy and human rights n our country.” We have come a long way from the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union to present day Putin Russia when communists are upholding principles of democracy!

Putin Landslide Contains Welcome Surprises!

The expected overwhelming victory of Putin’s United Russia party has lived up to expectations, but amidst this triumph comes evidence the Russian people are committed to the ideals of democracy. United Russia was expected to garner about 60% of the vote which would give them about 306 of the 450 seats in the Duma. However, in an amazing turnaround, the Communist Party was on its way to a second place finish with 11% of the vote and two smaller parties which supposedly would not reach the minimum level of 5% appear to have reached that position which will allow them to obtain seats in the Duma. The Liberal Democratic Party will get at least 7% as will Fair Russia which supports Putin.

There are reports from all over Russia that young people were bussed to voting booths where they received things like lottery scratchcards which offered prizes, free food and drink and some were even encouraged to vote more than once. Independent observers were barred from entering some polling stations. Many students and workers were told to vote and vote often for their hero, Putin, or face the consequences on Monday of losing their position in school or their jobs.

The most amazing aspect of the election was the 11% obtained by the only real opposition to Putin– the Communist Party. Most experts did not believe they would even reach a 5% level. This suggests many Russians wanted the semblance of some sort of opposition group in the Duma to United Russia.

Rise Of A New Class In China

A “new social stratum” is emerging in China according to a study initiated by China’s Communist Party’s Central Committee. They are labeling businessmen and professionals as a new factor in the history of Communist China. “They want to participate in political affairs and realize their political ambitions so that their interests can be protected and voices head,” said the report The “new social stratum” includes private entrepreneurs, technicians, and managerial staff both in private and foreign-funded businesses. In a survey conducted in the province of Guangdong, only 19% of this group was satisfied with their participation in political affairs. Few of them have links to official Communist Party leaders and find difficulty getting across their views to the government. There are signs a few from this group are beginning to enter local politics.

The emergence of the “new social stratum” offers China great hope for the development of democracy. In the coming years people from this group will become more involved in Communist Party internal politics and get their voices heard in the halls of power. The new group is not interested in traditional communism and will shift the nation slowly, but gradually in the direction of a more democratic, capitalistic environment.

Chinese Govenment Offers Negotiation

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) proposed a peace agreement with Taiwan that would end the half century of conflict between the two areas. Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Communist Party, said China was ready to conduct “exchanges, dialogue, consultations, and negotiations with any political party on Taiwan as long as it recognizes that both sides of the Straits belong to one and the same China.” This is the first time China has indicated this desire for open negotiations with Taiwan.

Cynics may decry the offer because it clearly indicates any final resolution will contain a statement or agreement that Taiwan is part of China. However, the willingness to discuss the issue opens possibilities for a multiple array of solutions which ensures Taiwan is part of China, but allows Taiwan considerable freedom to pursue its own policies and maintain its democratic political system. Certainly, this is an opportunity for dialogue and Taiwan must be willing to explore any and all possibilities for resolution of this conflict which contains the seeds of possible war.