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Russians Protest Economic Conditions

The current economic collapse which is impacting nations throughout the world is the first serious one to hit Russia since the Putin gang took power in the nation. Putin assumed office just as oil prices zoomed and he had access to large amounts of money, but today Russia, along with other nations is feeling the impact of lower production and lower prices for oil. The Russian Communist Party believed it could draw millions in protest demonstrations in the nation. There were thousands in the streets holding signs and shouting, “Where is the money, Dima?”(President Medvedv). Viktor Ilyukhin, a Communist Party official, said demonstrators were reflecting anger in the country. “Many families are on the edge of survival, unemployment is growing.”

It will be interesting to discover if the current economic crisis can really stir anger within Russia against Putin and his crowd. Will it be enough to awake Russians from their lethargy and demand truly free elections? Only time will tell.

China Continues Denying Dalai Lama

The Chinese Communist government’s greatest fear is any evidence that separatist feeling is present in their nation. They rule over a multicultural society containing people of many religions and ethnic groups so the very thought that one region might harbor thoughts about breaking away is enough to send Communist leaders into a state of terror. The nation is approaching the anniversary of a Tibetan protest which garnered world wide interest and anger at the Chinese government’s brutal suppression of those participating in riots. Tibet’s official Buddhist association called on lamas and nuns to reject any connection with separatist groups or with the exiled Dalai Lama. Naturally, in a communist society their comments to the public reflected a “unanimous” view of those in the organization. It asked monks to “see clearly that the 14th Dalai Lama is the ringleader of the separatist association which seeks Tibet independence.”

Actually, the Dalai Lama has repeatedly rejected calls for separatism and stressed his belief in working with government officials to ensure the people of Tibet had greater local autonomy. Unfortunately, he is attempting to deal with paranoid Chinese communists who believe there is a plot by capitalists to destroy their nation. There is no such plot.

May Dayitis Sends Protestors Chanting No To Putin

The normal political quiet known as Putin Democracy was upset over the past few days when May Day marchers numbering over 50,000 shouted anti-Putin comments as they celebrated worker rights. the demonstration was organzied by the Communist Party and, surprisingly, contained thousands of young people who are growing tired of Putin stability which means low wages and poor working conditions. Members of the National Bolshevik Party shouted anti-Putin slogans. Communist leader, Gennady Zyuganoa, pointed out the average incomes in Russia today was $210 a month while wealthy oligrachs who surrounded Putin amass huge amounts of money.

Tatyana Kadiyeva, marched with her 8 year-old son because, “I can’t stand the abuse of our rights, the confiscation of land and property.” Many marchers urged an end to discrimination against trade unions and appealed for economc support for the elderly who currently are being impacted by risng prices on food items.

Russia has made the quick jump from communist authoritarianism to Putin bureaucratic power with but a short interlude when democracy was allowd to flourish. Perhaps, Meedvedev can embark on a new era in which law assumes more prominence than one’s political connections.