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The Tragedy Of AIDS In Africa

The other day, President Obama said the future of Africa was in the hands of Africans, but what happens when Africans ignore the realities of 21st century life? Rates of HIV infections among gays in many African countries are 10 times those of the general male population. Most experts on the issue blame fear of being stigmatized as gay as well as poverty and lack of ready access to doctors for this figure. A wall of silence, repression, and discrimination face anyone who admits to being a gay or lesbian which compels many to accept illness to the shame of being exposed for their sexual beliefs. A recent story in Lancet notes, “unprotected anal sex is commonplace, knowledge and access to appropriate risk prevention measures are inadequate.”

Hopefully, the Bush era of refusing to support providing condoms and other health measures will assist many males to obtain access to what they must use while engaged in sex. However, personal feelings of shame will not go away until their individual societies begin to make changes.

Is Pope Benedict Overwhelmed By Modern Media?

The ongoing problems encountered by Pope Benedict are raising serious concerns within the Vatican where an increasing number of leaders believe the Pope is being overwhelmed by the demands of the modern world and of its issues. After encountering serious public relations problems with his gaffe in allowing a priest who is a Holocaust denier to return to the church, the Pope raised a new furor while on an African tour. He told Africans who are suffering from huge problems with AID that use of condoms only “aggravates the problems.” Many Catholic priests in Africa have quietly been allowing their parishoners to use condoms in an effort to deal with the rapidly spreading problem of infection. Many priests believe the Pope is out of touch with modern problems and his nonstop gaffes are creating a public relations disaster for the Catholic Churh.

Frances Rocca, the Vatican reporter for the Religious News Service, believes that historically the Vatican could retreat into silence when problems arose, but now “the Internet and the blogoshpere won’t wait for the Vatican so the message gets swamped.” There is probably need for the Vatican to bring in priests who are familiar with modern technology.

Condoms Or Disease–Choose Disease?

Pope Benedict XVI is undoubtedly a good man, a good leader of his church, but on occasion he appears to suffer from an inability to grasp the dynamics of modern life. He is currently on a tour of Africa, a continent which is being ravaged by AIDS and in which the infection rate in many nations has reached over 10% of the population. The Pope made clear to Catholics his firm opposition to the use of condoms during sexual encounters. He said, “AIDS is a tragedy that cannot be overcome by money since that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms, which even aggravates the problems.” The solution according to the Pope is a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer.”

People are dying. Thousands enjoy lives filled with pain and quick death. To ask these individuals to consider having a “spiritual awakening” will not end their suffering. It is time for the Pope to recognize a modern disease and offer assistance in preventing its occurrence. The use of condoms has only one benefit– it helps prevent disease.

Sex In Sweden–Does It Make Sense?

Sweden is among the most progressive nations in the world, but its sex laws sometimes make one wonder as to who is in charge of the country. In January, 1999, the Swedish government decided that it was a criminal act to solicit someone for sex, but it was perfectly legal to offer sex for sale. In theory, the idea was to protect women who had been caught in human trafficking, but the reality is that prostitution goes on and on since it can be a mite difficult to ascertain exactly who initiated the sexual offer. To compound the madness, the Malmo council has announced it was distributing free condoms to men who engaged in sex with a protstitute.

Let’s see. It is illegal to offer money to a woman in order to have sex, but the Malmo council will provide free condoms to men engaged in an act that is criminal. OK, there is a bit of logic in this, but to a normal mind, it is difficult to ascertain.

Mixed Up Sex World Of Sweden!

The government of Sweden has among the most interesting approaches to the issue of sex, b but, unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between those seeking and those offering sex. In January, 1999, Sweden criminalized the purchase of sex, but allowed individuals the right to sell sex. In theory, this decision was part of an effort to crack down on the trafficking of women from other parts of the world who were brought to Sweden by gangs seeking to exploit the women. The town council of Malmo just announced it would distribute free condoms to customers of prostitutes in order to reduce the possibility of disease.

In the world of Sweden, it is against the law to purchase sex from a woman, but it is perfectly legal to use a condom when having sex that is against the law. If one is against prostitution, why not abolish it, or if prostitution is to be legal, wouldn’t it make sense to supervise the operation and protect the health of both customer and seller?