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Congo-Uganda: Where Death Is Not Proud

During the past decade, American presidents such as George Bush have proclaimed it is the foreign policy of the United States to spread benefits of democracy to nations which are ruled by dictators. But, for some strange reason, the people of the Congo just do not fit into that definition. Granted, there were no WMD in the Congo, and, granted it has many natural resources, but the lack of oil undoubtedly removes it from the scope of democracy. At least five million have died in the past decade, and today the Lord’s Resistance Army is again on the massacre trail. New reports indicate that hundreds have been killed and even more hundreds marched off to become members of the rebel group which has crossed over from the Congo and once again begun their assault on the government of Uganda.

American assistance to the Uganda army has led to attacks on the LRA, but since what is supplied is not sufficient to do the job, rebels are once again killing. A recent raid on their forces resulted in attacks on villages, killings, and marching off those who survive to be forced into the LRA.

What would have happened if 120,000 American soldiers had been sent to Uganda or the Congo?

UN Congo Offense Human Disaster!

The American and European governments are focused on “defeating” terrorism in the world on the assumption the presence of individuals who commit suicide and kill innocent civilians is not acceptable in the modern world. Of course, in Africa, the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been engaged in a civil war that has resulted in the death of millions as well as the rape of over a hundred thousand women. For some reason, the death of five million black skinned people who are trying to cope with terrorism on a scale not witnessed in Iraq or Afghanistan is of slight interest to the world. A meager force of a few thousand UN troops recently launched an offense in the Congo to disarm a Hutu rebel group. They finally persuaded about 1,071 to surrender and lay down their arms.

However, this offense also resulted in the death of 1,000 civilians, the rape of 7,000 women and the displacement of over 700,000 people from their homes. UN forces lack the numbers or equipment to accomplish anything related to peace in that nation. One wonders how many thousands of American soldiers would be dispatched to an area in which a few dozen American women were raped. Too little, too late, and not too much concern for the people of the Congo.

UK Sends Asylum Seekers Back To Torture!

During the past two hundred years, England has been a symbol of among the few nations which have offered refuge to those seeking protection from abuse and death. Karl Marx was welcomed to the merry island a hundred fifty years ago and spent most of his remaining years protected against arrest because he was in England. However, something has changed from that noble view of being a refuge to the oppressed of the world. An investigation by the Guardian newspaper reveals the British government is sending asylum seekers back to the nation they fled in fear of being tortured or killed. The estimated 10,000 Congolese who escaped the horror prevalent in their nation are now being returned. Last week, a flight carrying 33 refused asylum seekers landed in KInshasa where some would undoubtedly fall into the clutches of the secret police and be sent to torture .

Nsimba Kumbi was sent back to the Congo. He was beaten, tortured, and even forced to have oral sex with a guard. “The government in Congo views Congolese people deported back home from the UK s enemies.” As guards beat him they claimed he was a spy. Such was the fate of a young Congolese whose crime was to be engaged in political activism and seeking to create a democratic Congo.

Karl Marx must be turning over in his grave as the current behavior of England to those who fight against authority.

Democratic Republic Of Congo – The Invisible Land

The world becomes furious at the death of a thousand civilians in Gaza, the world becomes furious at the ongoing deaths in Darfur, but the world simply ignores the death of millions in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Early this year, the Congo government invited soldiers from Rwanda to enter their country and wipe out members of trhe Democratic Forces for The Liberation of Rwanda (former Hutus who fled Rwanda after committing the genocide against Tutus) in hope of ending this group’s ongoing rape and killing. The operation forced some members of the FDLR to surrender, but once Rwanda troops left the rebels simply went back kto what they have been doing for years -rape and killing.

Latest reports are that at least 90 Congo women were raped and about one hundred fifty villagers killed. Unfortunately, the Congo government took into the ranks of its army former rebels and sent them on this operation. These soldiers lacked training, pay or food so they proceeded to steal, rape and kill the people they supposedly were protecting.

Cry the beloved people of Congo because no one cries for you.

The War Time Forgot Or Never Thought About!

Pick up a newspaper these days, regardless of where it is purchased in the world, and there is bound to be stories concerning the situation between Israel and Palestinians. Glance at photos on You Tube or in journals and one encounters numerous presentations of dead or wounded people in Gaza. But, if one asked the ordinary American or European citizen to cite which area of the world is experiencing the most violence, few would mention the Congo. Since 2000 an estimated five million people have been killed in that region and thousands of women have been raped. It is a war that few think or care about and the sufferings of Congolese is the last thing on the mind of those who loudly proclaim their concern for social justice and peace. A joint Rwanda/Congo military operation is coming to a conclusion in which there was an attempt to drive Hutu forces from the Congo.

Of course, even if Hutu force are expelled from the Congo, the Rwanda troops will remain and return to their exploitation of Congo wealth for their own purposes. The Congo has become every neighboring African country’s gold mine of riches which they intend to use for their own purposes and ignore the rights and needs of Congolese.

What this writer would not give for some protests among European intellectuals about the horror that daily transpires in the Congo. Of course, that would require these shining lights of liberalism to take their minds off Gaza for a moment and think about the plight of black skinned people. Are there elements of latent prejudice against black skinned people in which area of concern is addressed by European intellectuals?

Why The Intensity Of Hate Toward Israel?

Howard Jacobson, writing in the Independent, raises several interesting questions about why is there such intense hatred of Israel among British university protestors and intellectuals in the United Kingdom. I have been fascinated why the level of hate to Jews in Israel far surpasses the hatred directed at those who kill hundreds of thousands of humans. There is something particularly angry and vicious about the manner in which those opposing Israel policies explode in righteous hate when the word “Israel” reaches their lips. I have never seen any demonstrations against the killing of five million people in the Congo which is characterized by hate toward the perpetrators of the killing. In fact, words such as “killing” are employed while killing by the Israel army is termed, “slaughter” or “massacre.” I wonder why.

For years Hamas sent rockets into Israel, and those who express hatred toward Israel argue the rocket attacks were ineffective so there is no reason to become upset at those actions. Actually, Hamas deliberately sent rockets into civilian areas including those which had children and to justify these actions on grounds the rockets were “ineffective” begs the question of what does one say when a group aims rockets at civilian areas? Certainly, the hope of Hamas was to KILL JEWS, not just to fire ineffective rockets.

Mr. Jacobson points out that Cheryl Churchill was quoted as saying “Jewish children are bred to believe in the ‘otherness’ of Palestinians. An interesting observation, particularly from someone who I doubt has ever visited Israeli schools or talked with Israel teachers. How does Ms. Churchill know that hatred toward Palestinians is part of the Israeli curriculum? Of course, in every Muslim nation in the Middle East, teachers preach hatred of Jews and Israel. Every day I read newspapers from the Middle East and the cartoons depicting Jews are vicious and writers boast that young people must believe in the truth of the Palestinian struggle. I am not arguing if the Palestinian view of the struggle is right or wrong, but could Ms. Churchill cite any example in any Arab newspaper where the views of Israelis are presented?

I constantly see placards with slogans about the “Holocaust in Gaza.” There is no Holocaust in Gaza and there never will be one. The Holocaust was a government program aimed at killing every single Jew in Europe with the ultimate goal of killing every single Jew in the world. No Israeli politician, even the foul mouthed Avigdor Lieberman, has ever stated such a goal.

I oppose the Israel invasion of Gaza as I oppose mistakes made by Israeli politicians over the past few years. But, how can anyone just focus on Israel mistakes without commenting about those of demagogic Muslim leaders who would rather see death and destruction than live in peace with Israel?

I must conclude that the intensity of hate toward Israel reflects hidden anti-semitism. How else can one explain the viciousness of the hate toward one country and the absence of such hate toward the murder of 200,000 in Darfur and the expulsion of millions? In Uganda, rebel armies have killed 60,000 people but not one British demonstration has been held at which protestors denounce the Holocaust in Uganda. Why?

Congo Thug Leader Arrested!

Rwandan and Congolese troops finally worked together as a team and conducted a joint operation which has resulted in capturing one of the leaders of an invading army which has caused tremendous destabilization of the Congo. Troops captured General Laurent Nkunda, a Tutsi leader who up to this point has been supported by the government of Rwanda. The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) said: “We ask the Rwandan government to respect international law and extradite General Nkunda to Congo.” This operation represents a major shift from ignoring the government of the Congo to working with it to help eliminate the numerous invading armies which have created devastation.

However, the danger is that Nkunda’s arrogance and corruption may simply have turned his own followers against him which could lead to another leader from his group emerging who would continue the program of invasion death and destruction. Time will tell.

Protests For 900 Deaths-Silence For Five Million!

The death of a single human to violence is one too many, the death of 900 is a terrible event, but the death of five million humans without voices being raised in protest is obscene. The world is witness to protests over the death of 900 Palestinians during the carnage that has enveloped Gaza in wake of the Israeli attack to halt rocket attacks. However, there are no world wide protests at the death of 5,000,000 people in the Congo. There are no crowds waving signs saying “we are all Congolese,” but there are numerous ones saying, “we are all Palestinians.” How does one account for this double standard of concern? Is it that those being killed in the Congo are not the result of Jewish hands? Is it because those being killed have black skins?

This writer has always been fascinated how European intellectuals will call for boycotts of Israeli academic institutions but never say a word about boycotting those in Zimbabwe where over 1,700 already have died of cholera nor will they urge boycott of Iranian institutions whose government is blatantly anti-female, anti-gay, and anti-free speech. Israel has responded to a Hamas provocation in a manner that goes beyond what the response should have been. Yes, Hamas placed weapons in schools and mosques but bombing them knowing innocent men, women and children will die is inexcusable.

The Congo has never captured the interest of celebrities or governments. It is a land faraway inhabited by people whose skins are dark colored and while their land possesses wealth it somehow has never captured the interest of those who portray themselves as concerned for human rights. One can only wonder what it would take to make their deaths of interest to intellectuals who love marching in protests against oppression. If I may be sarcastic for a moment, would it help the people of the Congo if they imported members of the Israel Defense Force to kill a few and get intellectuals to march in parades with signs saying, “we are all Congolese?”

Death In The Congo–The Forgotten Slaughter!

Over five million people have died in the Congo over the past several years which represents a slightly higher murder rate than the 700 killed in Gaza, but the world is focused on the Middle East while millions of black skinned people die. The United Nations is endeavoring to hold peace talks not only in Gaza, but in the Congo where rebel forces from Rwanda led by guerilla chief Laurent Nkunda is attempting to disrupt the entire governmental process in the Congo nation. There is something pathetic about the UN which has spoken many words, but done little in reality to aid the ignored people of the Congo. Thousands of women will be raped and brutalized over the coming months while UN discussions take place with thugs like Nkunda and those in the current Congo government.

World attention is focused on Gaza where Israel is killing people and Hamas is enjoying the spectacle of death and destruction. It is clear there is scant appetite among UN officials to assume responsibility for doing anything specific to aid the Congolese people. Their nation lacks oil and their skins are black so why should the UN try to do something about a cease fire in the Congo?

Rape And Murder In Congo

In theory, living in the capital of a nation should afford women some form of protection against crime and violence, but in Kinshasa, abusing women is something that occurs on a daily basis. Clara, age 16, described how two men posing as policemen, “threw me on the ground and raped me.” She shared the experience that hundreds of other women in the capital have endured. As armed soldiers in the eastern section of the country rape and pillage without fear of retribution, women in the capital are now facing a similar fear of being violated by those who supposedly represent forces of law and order. Doctor Arthur Ngoy, says in his medical unit there are three daily cases of rape he has to treat, many of them resulting in pregnancy.

Last week, several thousand women took to the streets of the capital demanding an end to rape and violence. As a 2008 UN report noted, “Congolese women lie in a soul-destroying environment in which they are ;undervalued, discriminated against, and sexually assaulted.” It is doubtful if protests will end this violence against women.