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Is Darth Vader Dick Cheney Preparing Iran Attack?

Rumors are swirling around Washington D.C. of secret plans by the vice president to get America embroiled in a war against Iran. Cheney has been examining potential strategies which would be used in attacking Iran’s nuclear development. One report being heard is Israel would launch an air attack on the Iranian nuclear enrichment facility at Natanz which most probably would result in an Iranian response. According to those close to Cheney, he believes such an Iranian response would enable the United States to launch massive air attacks claiming Iran had begun the war. there is speculation the September 6, 2007 Israel attack on a Syrian “nuclear facility” was a test run for this plan. Neither Israel nor the Bush administration has openly acknowledged there was such an attack.

Military officials repeatedly have warned such an attack would result in economic, political, and psychological chaos in the world. As thousands of Iranian and Hezbollah rockets and missiles reign down on Israel it would end any possibility of resolving the Palestinian-israel conflict. Iran would attempt to block oil shipments from the Arabian peninsula creating even more chaos. Thousands of suicide bombers would flow into the Middle East creating even more turmoil. The Egyptian government would come under great pressure from its Muslim fundamentalists to do something while General Musharraf in Pakistan might even face a military overthrow of his government by incensed Islamic officers. President Bush continually accuses Iran of seeking to create WWIII, but an attack on Iran would result in global warfare.

Mitt Romney, a candidate for the presidency was asked his reaction to attacking Iran without congressional approval and he indicated the need to study whether or not a president can initiate war without consent of Congress. One would assume he has at least once in his life actually read the Constitution. It states under powers of the legislature: “To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning capture on land and water.”