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Bush Confronts Congress On Armenian Resolution

The United States Congress and President Bush are on a collision course over the proposed resolution known as “Affirmation of the United States Recording the armenian Genocide” which expresses the feeling of the American people toward Turkey’s genocidal policies against Armenians at the beginning of the twentieth century. As the resolution is being discussed, relations between the United States and Turkey are tense. The Turkish government is preparing possible military action against Kurdish rebels who operate from the sanctuary of Iraq. Bush expressed his opposition to the resolution which he claimed would inflict “a great harm o our relations with a key ally in NATO in the global war on terror.” Democratic Congressman Tom Lantos who has personal connections with the Holocaust argued “this is a choice between condemning genocide and endangering our troops in Iraq.”

The Turkish government continues to fight against any mention of its historic genocidal actions against Armenians living in Turkey. Members of the so-called “Jewish Lobby” have been persuaded to fight against the resolution because of Turkish pressure. The resolution is undoubtedly a symbolic action, but it arises because the Turkish government refuses to acknowledge the horror of what happened ninety years ago. President Bush is always ready to trot out the argument about this or that action which “threatens” the “war against terror.” He ignores how his own actions in the invasion of Iraq helped create the present tensions between Turkey and the United States. It is somewhat ironic the so-called powerful “Israel Lobby” is unable to persuade Congress due to pressure from the Armenian Lobby. One can only wonder how Congressman Tom Lantos would react if the resolution dealt with the Holocaust.