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What Will Karl Rove Reveal To Congress?

Karl Rove, the closest advisor to President Bush will be compelled to testify under oath before a congressional committee. John Conyers, chairman of the Hoouse Judiciary Committee, took the unusual step of issuing a subpoena which requires Mr. Rove to testify about the role played by members of the Bush Administration in the notorious case when nine federal prosecutors wre fired in 2006. The firing of the prosecutors initally led to a controversial confrontation between Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and Congress during which his stumbling and bumbling testimony antagonized both Republicans and Democrats. The Conyers committee is also anxious to find out more about the prosecution of the former Demcoratic governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman, a case many regarded as more influenced by political than legal considerations.

Congressman Conyers said he had repeatedly asked Mr. Rove to voluntarily testify but he refused. Congressman Conyers said it was unfortunate Rove refused, “although he does not seem the least bit hesitant to discuss these very issues weekly on cable television, and in the print news media. Mr. Rove and his attorney have apparently conccludedd that a public hedaring room would not be appropriate. Unfortunately, I have no choice today but to compel his testimony on these very important matters.”

The Rove testimony will most likely be highlighted by repeated attempts by the witness to decline speaking on ground he might incriminate himself.