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A Plug For Our Senior Citizens

As a 77 year-old member of the Medicare generation, I am concerned about the needs of those who have spent lifetimes working to develop this nation. I recently received some information from Robert Recht of St. Louis about a new piece of legislation which is sponsored by 90 Democratic congressmen. Like medicare, the new legislation allows individuals to select their own doctor and make individual medical decisions. Under the new proposed law, a family of four would pay an $160 a month premium and be assured of quality health care. Please examine the proposed HR 676 legislation. For more information about it, contact 1-866-338-1015.

I support all efforts to establish national health insurance for all Americans and a health care system in which drugs are free to those in need. A few years ago I fought the cancer battle, and, hopefully won, for the moment. We inhabit a world in which a single drug carries the cost label of $1000 a shot and only very rich people can afford such expenses.

Speaking for all senior citizens, a warm thank you to Congressman John Conyers of Michigan for this welcome piece of legislation.