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“It’s Time For A Change,” Say British Voters

An exhausted British population tired of the Iraq war, of scandals in the Labour Party government, and a growing dislike of its leader, Gordon Brown, are turning to the Conservative Party of David Cameron. A new survey indicates the Conservative Party has a comfortable lead of 40% to 31% over its Labour opponents. About 48% of British voters agree with the statement that “It’s time for a change” after ten years of being led by a Labour government. It is particularly striking that 51% regard Tory leader, David Cameron, as more likeable than Gordon Brown, the Labour leader.

Gordon Brown, an extremely intelligent leader, has the misfortune to inherit Tony Blair’s problems like the war in Iraq. He inherited scandals such as money being funneled to Labour coffers and his own somewhat brusque style does no come across to the general population. A well liked person would also face incredible problems overcoming the Blair legacy. It has been up to Gordon Brown to place some distance from the Bush administration that Blair so slavishly followed and which has resulted in a bad taste among British voters. On the positive side, Brown still has several months to turn things around, and, undoubtedly, the first step is withdrawing all British troops from Iraq.