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British Conservatives Strike At Cohabiting Rights!

At a time of economies breaking down, terrorism widespread, chaos in Afghanistan and Somalia, the British Conservative Party has identified the key issue facing their nation– rights given to couples who cohabit. Under a new Conservative plan, unmarried couples who live together would be denied rights married couples receive, and pre-nuptial agreements would be made legaly enforceable to encourage people to marry. Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith blames cohabiting couples as the source of marital breakdown which is threatening the very existence of the British nation.

He wants to make divorce more difficult to obtain, and would like the government to work with people getting married to ensure they have a happy one, and there are hints he would make divorce more expensive to obtain. According to THE expert on marriages, Duncan Smith believes, “marriages act as a stabiliser. Married couples are less likely to break up than unmarried couples.” This undoubtedly has to rank as among the most brilliant statements ever made about marriage. I assume if two people are not married, they can readily go their separate ways, and, perhaps, it is for the good of all.

Where does the Conservative Party find idiots like Duncan Smith? Most married couples break up because they don’t want to live with one another, and the Conservative marriage expert wants to force two people who hate one another to remain married because he Knows it is good for both of them!!