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Do Conspiracies Ever Occur In Life?

There is scant doubt humans have a propensity for seeking an undercover conspiracy to explain away tragic events. In modern times, the presence of the Internet and social networks makes the spread of conspiracy theories much easier. The problem is that while most so-called “conspiracies” are flights of the imagination, some actually are true. Former prime minister Tony Blair is upset because he was called to testify at the Chilcot inquiry into the process followed that resulted in the invasion of Iraq. He told American politician, Mike Huckabee, on his television show the Chilcot inquiry was part of a vast undertaking to create a conspiracy when none ever existed. He wants an end to speculation about his motives for leading the UK into war.

Blair charges for many people, “there’s got to be a scandal as to why you hold our view… I think there’s a continual desire to sort of uncover some great conspiracy.” Fair enough, Tony, are questions concerning his decision for war a desire to spread conspiracy theories? Perhaps, Blair can explain why no WMD were found. The ironic aspect of the Blair charge is that BUSH AND HE spread a conspiracy theory that Saddam Hussein had WMD and was plotting some diabolical attack on western nations. Could Tony please explain why he spread this CONSPIRACY THEORY?

Conspiracy Theories Abound About 9/11

Writer and polemicist Christopher Hitchens is on the war path after famous American writer Gore Vidal, for his writings about 9/11 which trot out the old line of a vast conspiracy by the American government to plan the attack in order to give President Bush sudden popularity. According to Hitchens, Gore’s writings consist of a “small anthology of half argued and half written shock pieces(which) either insinuated or asserted that the administration(Bush) had known in advance of the attacks.” These charges have been circulating since September, 2001 in one form or another in order to prove Bush was an evil man who deliberately planned the attack in order to salvage his dwindling popularity in the nation.

After every surprise attack this argument eventually emerges. In December, 1941, similar charges were made that President Roosevelt deliberately allowed the Japanese attack to occur as a way of getting America into war. The Pearl Harbor attack has been thoroughly studied and there is a vast body of information which makes clear American intelligence never spotted the attack and it was a SURPRISE.

Oh well, conspiracy theories sell well in the marketplace of fantasy.

China Shifts To Conspiracy Theory On Tibet

The Chinese government either does not seek to listen to what the world is saying about what happened in Tibet or it deliberately is seeking to blame outside forces as being responsible for widespread anger at the violence in Tibet. Chinese authorities now claim the entire world wide expression of anger was organized by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The Foundation, which receives considerable support from the German government, supposedly coordinated its plan with the Dalai Lama to create turmoil in Tibet and thus damage the Olympic Games. The entire operation in Tibet according to this latest manifestation of conspiracy was designed with one end in mind– destroy the Olympic Games and thus damage China’s reputation in the world.

The Chinese government is upset at Chancellor Merkel’s decision to meet with the Dalai Lama and her expression of concern over events in Tibet. A conspiracy approach to world problems only serves to ignore fundamental reasons why people in Tibet are angry and what happened when the world witnessed heavy handed attempts to crush the spirit of the Tibetan people. There is no question Chinese economic investment in Tibet has raised living standards, but failure to recognize the desire for Tibetans to have greater autonomy is a manifestation of the government’s inability to accept the need for greater democracy in the entire nation.