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Once upon a time the people of America decided they did not wish to have anyone like George Bush as the president of their country so they elected a nice young black skinned man named Barack Obama. This young man had taught the Constitution to those in college and it was therefore assumed he understood the meaning of that document, unlike our previous president. So, we all became a bit confused when the man we call, Barack Obama, decided the Miranda rights need not be read to “suspects” because in modern America if the police arrest anyone who looks suspicious, they have a right to term that individual a “terrorist” and suspend their rights to anything. Our former Constitutional professor told the media there might be occasions in which a “suspect” is just too much of a “suspect” and therefore to prevent the “suspect” from actually committing a crime, it is best to simply lock him up and throw the key away.

I am so happy we got rid of George Bush who knew as much about the Constitution as he knew about getting rid of WMD. Now, we have a president who knows about the Constitution and has decided it is out-of-date and in need of change. Now, about his opposition to drilling for oil offshore, ………. ?

Republican Senator Insists Judges Be Human Blind

In the 1920s, the Supreme Court ruled in the Thind case although the man who claimed he was white because many people in india are descended from the Aryans, anyone looking at him could tell that he was dark skinned. Senator Jeff Sessions insists that judges should not allow their “own personal background, gender, prejudices or sympathies to sway their decision in favor of, or against parties before the court.” His assumption is there is something termed “the law” which exists apart from life. In 1896, the Supreme Court in Plessy vs. Ferguson ruled that segregation was constitutional, in 1954, they unanimously ruled it was unconstitutional. Every judge allows his beliefs, his sympathies, his prejudices to enter into making a court decision. Even as Senator Sessions spoke, an anti-abortion spectator shouted that Judge Sonia Sotomayor was “wrong about abortion” because it entailed murder of life. I assume Sessions agrees with that view. If he does, he allows his prejudices and views to impose upon the law.

Republicans appear to believe the Constitution was written by men who believed business interests must always be protected, that national health insurance is at variance with the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers would have agreed today that gun lovers could bring their guns to school, to a bar, to a wedding ceremony and any other place they desired.

We forget in 2009 the Constitution was a compromise document. The Founding Fathers disagreed and wrote a document that could be interpreted. Thomas Jefferson argued for a strict interpretation of the Constitution, but he purchased the Louisiana Territory even though there is no such right specifically guaranteed in the document. He also declared war on the Barbary pirates although the Constitution vests war making power with Congress.

Senator Sessions is a hypocrite. There was no declaration of war in Iraq. The use of torture is hardly consistent with the Constitution. Now, if Dick Cheney wants to argue, modern times require different methods, that at least recognizes we allow our views, our sympathies and our angers to enter into legal decisions.

No School Strip Searching Rules US Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court ruled that then thirteen year-old Savana Redding had her rights violated in school when officials made her strip search in order to determine if she had drugs in her panties. In a surprising 8-1 ruling, the court said her 4th Amendment right against unreasonable searches had been violated. “Because there was no reason to sudpect the drugs presented a danger or were concealed in her underwear, we hold that the search did violate the constitution.”

The case originally was thrown out by a local judge but ruled valid by the Ninth Court of Appeals. The United States needs more cases in which individual rights are defended against arbitrary government actions. Schools have been notorious in violating the rights of students.

Day Nine Of Cyclone Disaster-One US Plane Allowed

The people of Myanmar have waited for nine days for their government to indicate the slightest concern for their welfare, but, aside for two UN planes that landed, the military junta has been hesitant to make any concessions to world opinion. But, out of the blue, the thugs who govern Burma finally granted permission for a single US plane loaded with supplies to land with supplies. The UN estimates due to failure on the part of the Burmese government to act responsibily, at least 100,000 people will die because of the cyclone and the botched relief effort. Donors throughout the world have sent enough supplies to last for months but nothing is moving due to refusal on the part of the junta to allow in UN relief workers to supervise distribution of supplies and reconstruction work.

The UN has reached the point where it has absolutely no faith in the integrity of the Burmese government or its statements about the cyclone. The junta seized aid in the two UN planes that landed and allowed their own workers to distibute supplies in an effort to claim credit for any aid received by people. At this point the main concern of the junta is having a vote on their constitution which would legalize their dictatorship and imcompetence.

Burmese Generals Prepare To Impose Ideas On People

The world has moved on to more important issues since the days when monks walked the streets on Burma protesting the military junta’s attack on the liberties of the people. The world media offered horrific sights of monks being beaten, youth being assaulted, and the people of Myanmar being denied of all human rights in September, 2007, but that was then, and now is now. As the world dealt with its problems, military leaders of Burma were preparing the next stage in their imposition of “law and order” in their nation. The people of Burma on May 10 will be required to participate in a charade known as a referendum on the country’s new constitution, a document written in secret that ensures continuance of military rule in their nation.

Naing Aung Oo, a former student activist, noted, “It’s going to be a yes vote. there are two reasons, one is intimidation and the other reason is the high probability of rigging the vote.” In the last free election, the National League for Democracy(NLD) led by Aung San Suu Kyi won in a landslide. In the upcoming referendum the military junta will win in a landslide.

Under the new constitution, one fourth of all parliament seats are reserved for members of the military, there are restrictions excluding many opposition candidates from running for office and Suu Ky is banned from holding office because she is the widow of a foreigner. The entire process is simply an example o a military coup carried out by constitutional means.

Just Say No–To Burma Military Junta!

The Myanmar military junta is proposing a new constitution which was written in secret without any input from other components of Burma society. The pro-democracy supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi urged their nation to be brave and vote against this constitution in next month’s referendum. The National League for Democracy(NLD) issued a statement calling on the public “to clearly and bravely vote ‘No’ when you mark your ballots.” Although the public has yet to be given a copy of the constitution indications suggest it will allow the military junta, which overthrew democracy, to continue in power for several
more years. The NLD statement noted the proposed constitution: “is not in accord with the basic dcemocratic principles that the sovereign power power of the state is derived from the people” and it does not protect human rights of free speech.

Most of the 54 million people in Burma have neve been allowed to vote so the junta even had to issue a one page statement which explains what voting means and how it is to be conducted. The junta insists it is building a “discipline-flourishing democracy” whatever that means. It lso rejected a UN offer to dispatch observers and provide technical support during an election.

Pentagon Involved In Domestic Spying

The American Civil Liberties Union has uncovered documents which reveal a collaboration between the Pentagon and the FBI in seeking to gather information about private citizens. They secretly sent hundreds of letters in order to obtain financial records of private citizens without approval. Vice President Richard Cheney defended the practice as a “perfectly legitimate activity to protect America against terrorism. It is particularly disturbing that the military of the United States is now engaged in domestic intelligence.

The Bush administration has exploited 9/11 to justify any action or practice dealing with cviil liberties of this nation. The cry of “protecting America against terrorism” has been abused in this frantic effort to break the law and violate the essence of the American Constitution. Any opposition is derided as reflecting a “soft on terrorism” attitude in order to allow the administration to proceed in its quest to create an all powerful executive which alone decides what it best for the American people. It is disturbing and sad that the military of this nation have been placed in situations which compromise their own oath to obey the Constitution.

Turkish General Vows To Protect Secularism

Turkish Cheif of Staff General Yasar Buyukant told members of the War Academies Command that the armed forces are guardians of secularism in Turkey and will defend it against any attempt to make changes leading to Islamization of the nation. Prime Minister Erdogan assured the military his government is committed to those principles. “The government and Parliament are safeguards of the secular and democratic republic.”

Prime Minister Erdogan most probably is sincere in his desire to maintain secularism in Turkey, but he does not help to achieve those goals by having a new constitution drafted behind closed doors without any consultation by members of parties opposing his Justice and Development Party. His party only obtained 47% of the popular vote and it would be helpful if it reached out to secular political parties to obtain their assistance in drafting a new constitution. His words say one thing, but his behavior says something else.

Republican Blasts Bush In Tehran Times

Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Ronald Reagan, sharply criticized President Bush in an article appearing in the Tehran Times. He accused Bush and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown of hypocrisy in decrying violence in Burma, but continuing unabated violence in Iraq and Afghanistan. “Indeed, Bush and Brown, as commanders in chief, are on a killing spree that makes the government of Burma look extremely restrained in comparison…. what is the difference between Bush and Brown on one hand, and the murderous Burmese government on the other?” Roberts notes Brown and Bush are always claiming they seek democracy and use that expression to justify killing innocent people while at least the thugs running Myanmar have never hidden their contempt for democracy and freedom.

Paul Roberts, a conservative Republican, is contemptuous of Bush for claiming debasing constitutional rights is the price Americans must pay for safety, and in so doing, “Bush has sunk the United States to a new low in human intelligence and morality.” It is rather remarkable that a conservative Reaganite must assume leadership in the fight against Bush’s violation of civil liberties. Imagine if a liberal wrote such an article that appeared in the anti-American Tehran Times

John McCain: Only Christians Should Be Presidents!

John McCain’s efforts to pander for right-wing Christian votes reached a new level when he told the nation of his belief that only Christians were qualified to run for the presidency. He claimed the “Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation.” McCain said, “I admire Islam. There is a lot of good principles in it. But, I just have to say in all candor that since this nation was founded primarily on Christian principles, I prefer someone I know who has a solid grounding in my faith.”

There is NO mention in the Constitution of the United States of America about God or Christian principles. The men who wrote the document were quite clear they were NOT establishing a nation based on Christian principles. Actually, the Puritans regarded the Old Testament as of equal importance to their religion as the New Testament. I guess McCain believes Senator Joseph Lieberman had no right to run for the vice presidency. McCain has insulted millions of Americans, the tragedy is he doesn’t realize he insulted them.