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Coptic-Muslim Clash In Egypt

One of the most common myths spread by Muslims is how their religion treats those of other faiths in a fair and equal manner. Of course, historically, Christians and Jews in most Muslim societies were second class citizens and event their attire was dictated by the government. The Egyptian society includes about 10% who are Christian Coptics. The other day a quarrel between a Muslim and Coptic resulted in the death of the Muslim and the emergence of a mob which burned the homes of Coptics. Coptic Christians are hardly equal citizens in their land since they require government permission to build a church or expand existing structures. Over the past few years there have been several riots against Coptics by Muslim groups.

There are significant differences within the Muslim world in connection to how society deals with those of other faiths. Saudi Arabia is clear it does not tolerate Christians and Jews except if they agree not to openly practice their religion and abandon any thought of building religious structures. On the other hand, there is greater religious freedom in Indonesia. But, the bottom line is that to live in a Muslim society is to be bound by certain religious concepts and to accept that government reflects Muslims, not Christians.