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Each week we present headlines that appeared in the world press along with our comments.


South Africa, Mail & Guardian: “Nigerian Preacher With 86 Wives Gets Reprieve”
I should hope so, the poor man must be exhausted.

Norway, Aftenposten: “Happy Meal Toys Hurt Hearing”
Big deal, you should see what the happy meal does to the stomach.

Australia, West Australian: “Minister Quits Over Sex Act In Parliament”
I don’t mind a few MPs fornicating with one another, it’s when they do it to citizens that bothers me.

United Kingdom, The Independent: “Underwear Police Minister Sacked”
He was caught with his drawers down.

Finland, Helsinki Times: “Butchers Meet Roosters”
At the chopping block, I assume.

Saudi Arabia, Saudi Gazette: “Girls Dissatisfied With Appearance”
But, how do boys feel about their appearances?

Australia, Sydney Morning Herald: “Police Attacked In Brawl”
They were arrested for fighting off duty.

Ukraine, Kyiv Post: “Tymoshenko Mocks Yushchenko”
I really think it was Yuschchenko who mocked Tymoshenko. Then again, how would anyone know who did it first?

Sweden, The Local: “Ban On Bottled Water”
In Sweden, it’s the beer that counts, not the water.

Estonia, Baltic Times: “We Are Not Crooks”
Thieves maybe, but definitely not crooks.

Finland, Sanomat: “Handing Out Condoms Gets Support”
I know at least one body part that would definitely give support.

Norway, Aftenposten: “Malpractice Kills 2,000 Each Year”
But, how much does practice kill each year?

Malta, Malta Post: “Alarm Over Pest”
I think its name was Bush.

Australia, Brisbane Times: “Oral Sex On Rise”
It is the drooping that will cause a decline in oral sex.

Finland, Sanomat: “Rare Fighter on Display”
His name definitely was not Dick Cheney.

Discrimination Common In Turkish Business Corporations

A comprehensive survey conducted of Turkish companies in order to identify issues related to discrimination revealed gender bias is common and gays and lesbians are subject to powerful prejudice in the workplace. The Prometheus Consulting company said the most consistent trend that emerged from their survey was that gender is a criterion in hiring, particularly when higher level positions were being filled. Turkish companies tend not to discriminate on the basis of language or skin color, but if an individual is not a Muslim or a native born Turk or happens to be female or gay, then the likelihood of being hired becomes less likely. The survey revealed it was much easier for a gay to obtain work in a multi-national of large business enterprise, but chances of finding a job in medium or small size companies were very difficult.

It appears in religiously conservative areas of Turkey that being a Muslim is an important criterion in hiring policies. The religious factor is less important in large cities, but it still plays a role in filling many positions. A surprise was that being of a different ethnic background was a negative factor in large cities but less so in small sized ones.

Dress was a factor in large corporations who are very concerned about how an individual dresses at work. For most companies in cities, headscarves, beards, long hair, or low-cut dresses were viewed negatively and might result in the individual not being hired.