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It’s Springtime For Hitler In South Korea!

A Soouth Korean cosmetic company has come under heavy fire by the Israel embassy in Seoul for its offensive advertisement which draws upon Adolf Hitler in order to sell a product. The Coreana Cosmetics Company decided on Tuesday to withdraw the television ad for a skin lotion which depicts a young womn in a military-style trench coat holding a soldier’s cap that appears to have the swastika-gripping eagle Nazi insignia and contains the slogan, “Even Hitler didn’t have the East and West.” Korad, the Seoul based agency which produced the ad, said it believe a Nazi soldier and Hitler symbolized “revolution” in keeping with the lotion’s “revolutionary” moisturing and calming effects. It said the reference to East and West emphasized the product’s dual functions.

If one steps back and reviews the entire matter of using Adolf Hitler to sell cosmetics and soap there may be a connection. After all, Hitler did have soap made out of humans so there is a linkage. Who knows, maybe Hitler could be used to sell caps or flags or even children’s toys, he did cause millions of children to die. Hopefuly, the Korean cosmetic industry can find other ways to hawk their ridiculous products.