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Take Off The Turban–Or Leave!!

Yes, there are oil spills, death on ships, slaughter of thousands in Asia, but the real issue confronting the Manurea Cosmopolitan Club in South Auckland, New Zealand, is what people wear on their heads. After all, allowing someone to wander into your country club with the wrong type of headgear threatens the sanctity of human existence. The club banned a Sikh from entering because the man had a turban on his head instead of a hat which resulted in the Human Rights Commission to declare the action contrary to laws of the nation. Peter Kelly, a member for 43 years of the club is furious and ready to fight in the cause of bare heads, or, at least, heads that have appropriate things on top. “We are a private club with its own rules like other clubs throughout the country.” If the Cosmopolitan Club has to allow people entering who are contrary to their rules “it surely will have repercussions on other clubs… I think we should fight- shouldn’t we?”

Kelly has a point, but which one he has is a bit confusing. I assume since people in the club are “cosmopolitan,” they enjoy a wide variety of customs and dress and people with differing views. Perhaps, the solution is changing the name of the club to “Non-Cosmopolitan Club.” This would make clear this is one club that will club anyone who wears a turban instead of the hat that God designed to be worn by all humanity.