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Where Does God Stand On Current Issues?

It is difficult these days tuning into the media without encountering yelling individuals who claim to speak for God and are more than happy to inform the world about God’s views on a variety of issues confronting humanity. For example, members of the extremist Westboro Baptist Church who are openly anti-gay recently protested in front of Jewish institutions in New York with signs that read, “God Hates Jews” and “God Hates Obama.” Several Jewish groups urged members to politely walk past the signs and pickets of the Westboro Church people and pretend they do not exist. After all, argue these individuals, even kooks have the right of free speech.

However, no one has yet answered the question as to where does God stand on issues like health care. If I take Glenn Beck or Lou Dobbs as authorities on the God view, the old man up in the sky is mighty angry at that black man in the White House who wants to restore Nazi death camps and kill the unborn. Sometimes, I get confused. If Obama wants to institute Nazism in America how come he gets the high percentage of Jewish voters?

I decided in the spirit of fair play to make direct contact with God. First, let’s clear things up, He is not in the sky but on the planet of Xul. He told me after listening to the inarticulate rambling voices of people shouting hate toward blacks, doctors, congressmen, and praise for health insurance firms, He thought He might delay a return trip to planet Earth. According to the Old Man, planet Earth is the only one He has encountered where people want to protect the powerful and wealthy and denounce the poor. “For God’s sake, He told me, why the Hell do you think I sent my Son to Earth, to take care of wealthy insurance executives!!”

In the spirit of respect for individuals like Rush, Bill, Lou, Ann, Glenn and the others voices of hate, I will not reveal the exact words of the Old Man about them.

Let’s Crowley And Birthrite The Black Dude!

The Republican crazies are out in full force to prove Barack Obama is not a “real American” but some foreign import, you know, someone like Alexander Hamilton who came from Jamaica. Our young men and women are risking their lives to fight battles against those who show no respect for human life while here at home, loonies of the right would be willing to destroy any chance for a decent health care system or restoration of the economy because they still can’t get right with the idea some black dude is president of the nation. The Sgt. Crowley episode is a vivid example that right wingers instinctively come to the defense of anyone accused of racism because in their delusions the concept of racism does not exist in America. Of course, to be honest, they really believe white folk are victims of racism and it is necessary to defend the rights of millionaires before those who are poor or unemployed.

I have taught dozens of police in my course on the history of crime. Most policemen are decent, hard working, underpaid and under appreciated, but they do make mistakes because they are human. Anyone working in the public arena MUST make mistakes because there are too many variables simultaneously assaulting one’s senses. Sgt. Crowley’s account of the incident now conflicts with the one who made the original call, Lucia Whalen. Sg. Crowley is not lying, no one involved in the incident is lying. Each person saw and heard what they wanted to hear and see. Reality is that Sgt. Crowley has ignored Hundreds of incidents in which people raised their voices, he walked away without making an arrest. I have no idea why this decent individual lost his cool and made a “stupid arrest.” I have taught 15,000 students in my life and there have been dozens of examples when I simply lost my cool and did something that I later realized was stupid. As President Obama said, let’s move on from this incident.

As for the birth certificate madness, it is clear Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, and the idiot congresswomen from Minnesota are not interested in anything other than destroying the reputation of President Obama. If the nation has to go under, so be it in their view, the important thing is to ensure their voices of ignorance are heard. As Shakespeare put it centuries ago, their comments are “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Two Views On Rush Limbaugh

The October 12, 2007 issue of Stars & Stripes had several letters dealing with comments by Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. We print two opposing views:
“In response to the opinions voiced in the October 8 letters to the editor reference to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, I disagree with the writers and hope that Armed Forces Network would continue to air their programs. When taken in full context, it has been clearly shown that Limbaugh did not disrespect the military with his remarks. Coulter’s writing style is full of hyperbole and needs to be read with that in mind. She is opinionated, but factual. To call her a liar is libelous. .Until more entertaining politically conservative pundits can be found, keep Limbaugh and Coulter, please.”
Chaplain (Col) James Hoke, Stuttgart, Germany

“I served honorably for 20 years in the U.S. military, but today I oppose the war in Iraq. I assume Limbaugh will call me a “phony veteran.” Considering the source, a man who has the gall to defame those who served while he never served a single day in the military (allegedly because of a boil), I would wear such an accusation as a badge of honor.”
Maj. Donan de Wind (ret) Austin, Texas

I can think of many things Ann Coulter is full of besides hyperbole, but being in polite company I will not make such a libelous comment. Why is it that super patriots anxious for war like Limbaugh, Coulter, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, etc… never served their country in the military? Why is it that people like Limbaugh and Coulter will defame men who served like John Kerry or former Senator Clelland who lost both arms and legs in Vietnam, but get upset if someone makes a critical remark about Bush?