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Country Music Folk For McCain -Or Are They?

During the past forty years, country music artists have traditionally supported Republican Party themes of anti-abortion, the flag, God and country, but there are some signs even they are beginning to have doubts concerning those who have been running the nation into the ground. Don Cusic, a scholar dealing with the topic, says although “Country singers tend to be populists more than anything,” and supports Republicans, the continuing conflict in Iraq and the economic crisis caused by the Wall Street melt down, are impacting their views. Country singer Robert Fulks wrote a song about the president asking, “how can you get a country sheriff walkin with a frat boy’s brain?” The Dixie Chicks who were banned in 2003 for questioning the war in Iraq are now back at the top of the charts.

Darryl Worley went from pro-Bush songs after 9/11 to anti-war songs and icon Toby Keith recently came out in support of Obama. A theme that has always been part of country music is opposition to the wealthy and with the fiscal crisis most country music singers are blasting Congress and those in leadership positions. It is unfortunate the Johnny Cash is not alive because he would have been a strong supporter of Barack Obama. Johnny knew what the average person needed, and it was not rhetoric about an individual’s friends.