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Guinea Coup Another African Tragedy

Someday when the history of the continent of Africa is written there will be at least a chapter on the tragedy of failed leadership among Africans. It is difficult to identify an African nation which emerged out of colonialism that currently has the semblance of a democratic society. The concept of ending colonialism was important, but the failure of those leading African revolutions to become the champions of democracy has resulted in a wealthy continent mired in poverty, violence and hatred. The latest example was seizure of power in Guinea after its long-term president died. Within moments, a group of young officers took over the government and announced it might some day allow free elections. After warning present Cabinet members of consequences, about 30 turned themselves over to the military junta and awaited their fates. Coup leader Moussa Camara promised a “grandiose funeral” for the dead dictator Lansana Combe, no doubt, an act that sets the stage for the arrival of another two bit dictator by the name of Camara.

The famous last words of Camara are, “it is not m y intention to be a candidate in the election of December, 2010.” Mark those words down somewhere and check out which excuse is cited by Camara in December, 2010 to explain why he must remain in power for the good of the people.

Chavez Discovers Coup Plan – When Doesn’t He?

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been claiming for years that right wing officers in the military are working with the CIA in order to plot an overthrow of his regime. Yesterday, he announced that “various” suspects were detained and accused them of trying to assassinate him with tacit backing from political opponents and the United States. He blamed a group of officers who in 2002 tried a coup to once again team up with American agents in an effort to take over the government and destroy his “Bolivarian revolution.” The president charged an admiral and several retired officers were involved in planning the coup.

According to Chavez, the plotters were seeking ground-to-air missiles in order to blow up the presidential plane or bomb the presidential palace. He also blamed the right wing press for aiding such efforts. Of course, Chavez has been trying for years to silence any newspaper or television station from offering an independent view of life in Venezuela. In a sense, he is like the boy who cried “wolf” and if there really is a planned coup, it is hard to believe anything he claims at this point in time.

Mauritania Coup Leaders Get Cold Shoulder From World

Last week’s coup in Mauritania by several army leaders has been denounced by Western and African nations. Neighboring Algeria even refused to meet with representatives of General Aziz and made clear it expected restoration of the government that was over thrown in a bloodless coup. Ousted president Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi had been the first person who was elected to office of president in West Africa without resort to violence or fraud. The coup leaders insist there had been fraud but the EU has made clear the election was honest and it is about time democracy ruled in west Africa.

Many political parties in Mauritania support the ousted president and have refused to cooperate with coup leaders. In a sense, the issue is not whether the ousted president had the best ideas, but he established a new principle that is so vital to the health of any democratic society– the rule of law requires those who gain a majority to assume office.

Good News In Thailand-No Army Coup Planned!

The nation of Thailand has witnessed several efforts by its military over the years to exert its authority by overthrowing civiian governments. Army Chief Anupong Paochinda, assured the public on Saturday the army is not planning to tke over the government in the forseeable future. His comments came in response to those of Prime Minister Samak Sunaravej who warned there were conspirators planning to trigger unrest in the nation and use it as a pretext to take over the government. “Today some people hve not stopped. They are lobbying and meeting… They still believe that another coup is possible.”

There are several problems confronting Thailand, among them is the unrest in southern regions where a Muslim led insurgency has resulted in the deaths of at least 3,000. Hopefully, the army will focus on ways to handle the situation politically and economically rather than only relying on military force.