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New York City Cuts Police -Increase Crime?

The president of the United States wanders the nation emphasizing the need for medical insurance even as twelve million people lack jobs. In other words, if the twelve million received health insurance, they could not pay for it! Even worse, the 100% focus on health care has resulted in layoffs among members of government entities such police. New York City will be forced to reduce its police force to the lowest levels in thirty years even as crime rates continue declining. One can only assume the new theory of crime prevention is to reward those who are responsible for fewer deaths or other violence by firing them! The time to INCREASE police or fire fighters is when they are doing the job for which they were hired.

There is something amiss in the Obama administration. I believe completely in health insurance for all Americans. But, right now, we need to provide jobs and what better way to accomplish that task but hiring police, firemen, social workers, etc…? The “success” of the Obama strategy will be evident in November when Republicans gain control and block any of his proposals. Then, he will offer the excuse, “if only I had a Democratic majority in Congress!”

Crime And The Immigrant

At the turn of the twentieth century, American newspapers gleefully reported crimes committed by newly arrived Jewish and Italian immigrants charging the United States was being overwhelmed by these new arrivals to the nation. The chief of police in Moscow acknowledges that “many people from other cities who come to work in the capital at the moment when the crisis started found themselves without jobs, but he also noted an increasingly high percentage of crimes committed in Moscow are caused by migrants. Reports also indicate during the past year 116 people were injured and 27 killed as a result of racist attacks on these migrants. A total of 62 attacks on people of “non-Slavic” appearance were registered in the city last year, including 26 murders.

There is nothing new about crime and immigrants. This is common in virtually every city in the world which is experiencing an influx of migrants from other areas. Unfortunately, a world wide recession only makes worse opportunities for immigrants to obtain work. If people are working, crime rates decline.

Aussie Police Deny Racism In Their Country

Until the 1960s, the only non-whites in Australia were the original inhabitants who constantly endured discrimination. Since that time period hundreds of thousands of immigrants have come from all parts of Asia and the Middle East to create a multi-ethnic society. During recent months in Sydney there have been continual attacks on students of Indian background, but the police insist there is nothing racial linked to the crimes. As police Superintendent Robert Refren noted: “they are young people, often students o ten working the jobs young students work… and they are therefore at risk opportunistically of being assaulted in the early hours of the morning or very late at night.” I guess we are to assume that only Indian students work late at night or early in the morning, are any white Aussies working at those times?

Petrol bombs have been thrown through the window of an Indian student, and numerous Indian and Sinhalese men have been attacked, but the police can only report there is nothing ethnic entailed in the assaults. I guess those attacked decided to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and therefore that explains away the incidents. It is nothing more than criminals selecting people with dark skin for a robbery or to be beaten up. It has nothing to do with ethnicity, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.


It is now almost a hundred years since Congress passed the first federal laws which made use of drugs to be illegal. Drugs were used throughout American history and it was not uncommon for a mother to damp a rag with a bit of cocaine in order to have a restless child go to sleep. The original anti-drug laws arose because some in Congress were bigoted against the Chinese and thought the infamous “opium dens” were places that enticed nice young men and women to surrender their virtues. Of course, within a decade Congress and the nation had pushed through the famous Prohibition experiment which did more to INCREASE CRIME than any legislation in American history.

The United States now has 2.2 million people in jail– just about the most prisoners of any nation in the world. About 600,000 are in jail due to drug violations. Of course, it is rare for an upper or middle class person to wind up in jail due to a drug offense. Occasionally, a Hollywood star goes in for a few months, but how many wealthy people go to jail for drug offenses? It cost the nation about $30,000 per year to house prisoners. Do your own arithmetic about the cost of just housing those who violate the drug laws.

It is estimated the United States also spends about $50 billion a year to fight drugs. Our drug addiction has ruined nations like Mexico and fostered crime, corruption, and instability. Despite all the money spent, drug use INCREASES. President Obama responded to a question about legalizing drugs with a snotty remark about those on the Internet who want to legalize drugs. The question was the most asked and it deserved an intelligent response.

We understand, given the problems facing America today, it is not possible right at this moment to legalize drugs even though in so doing, we could wipe out drug lords, deny the Taliban huge amounts of money, and help our neighbors to the south deal with crime in their nations. It is time for the United States to BEGIN the process of developing an intelligent plan for dealing with drugs. It is time for President Obama to appoint a bipartisan committee to investigate the entire process of legalizing drugs. It should include people from all sectors of society and be allowed to outline a new program that makes sense. If the federal government assumed control for the sale of drugs–along with programs to assist those on drugs– we would have enough money to pay for national medical insurance for all!
Wake Up America! LEGALIZE DRUGS!

Racism Places Romas Under Peril In Hungary

The Roma minority continues to be the most persecuted in eastern Europe as well as the group which experiences the greatest poverty. Romas have been in eastern Europe for hundreds of years during which time myths and beliefs have built up concerning their behaviors and desires. Albert Pasztor, police chief in Miskoic, told the media in blunt terms, “except for bank and gas station robberies all crimes in Miskoic during the months of December and January were committed by gypsies.” A rather amazing statement which appears to suggest that non-Roma people in Hungary are law abiding to an extent not known elsewhere in the world. We in America would be more than happy to dispatch to Hungary some of our criminal bankers and investment brokers, none of whom is a Roma.

The emphasis in Hungary has been more towards anti-discrimination rather than economic an educational development. Statements like those of Pasztor reflect ignorance since it is doubtful if non-Roma criminals were classified in any way other than being criminals. Crime either comes from the wealthy who use stock markets or business to steal or it comes from poor people who are trying to survive. The Roma people need jobs, good education, and efforts to establish social relations with other members of the community.

Are BritishYouth Acting Like Animals?

To every generation of youth comes a time when adults regard them as unable or unwilling to adhere to the high standards of behavior that adults met in their own youthful times. After World War II, British adults were shocked at the actions of the infamous “Teddy Boys” who apparently ran wild. Of course, then came the notorious Beatles who set youth on a wild orgy of drugs and sexual promiscuity. Now, a study by the British children’s charity, Barnardos, reveals 54% of adults claim young people “behave like animals.” Slightly less than half believe youth is a danger to themselves and to adults while 43% urge protecting young people against their own evil inclinations. according to Pam Hibbert of the charity, “the truth is that young people in Britain are responsible for 12% of crime. But, the public overestimate that by a factor of four with people believing the young commit half of all crime. So a major part of the problem here is question of perception.”

In every generation it is important to believe youth simply is not as peaceful and decent and law abiding as the current one. Of course, it was the adult British population which sent their young people into the madness of the Iraq war and it was adults who created the current economic crisis. Youth will never get a fair reaction from adults.

In the 1950s, adults in the United States and the UK, believed it was evil comic books that set young people into orgies of crime.

Sweden Getting Tougher On Crime

In virtually every human society, the issue of crime is invariably resolved by “getting tougher with criminals” on the assumption that longer sentences will somehow reduce crime. Of course, there is absolutely no evidence such an approach works, as witness the 2.3 million people in American jails. However, a new report from a Swedish government commission, comes out strongly for tougher and longer punishments for violent crimes and cracking down on those who have been released only to commit further crimes. Justice Minister, Beatrice Ask, agreed with the commission by saying, “I think the suggestions are very much in line with the Alliance Government’s ambitions and the directives we gave to the investigator.”

Minister Ask wants the punishment handed down on criminals to be “proportional to the severity of the crime.” The United States has been vigorously using this approach and the result is every increasing crime. Cries for getting tough with criminals play to the gallery of public opinion but have scant relation to the reality of how to reduce crime.

Thousands Of Mexicans Protest Crime

Tens of thousands of Mexicans marched in over 80 cities in a dramatic demonstration of the growing disgust with the presence of crime in their nation. Over 100,000 alone marched in Mexico City. Although these thousands of citizens were expressing their frustrations and anger at the rampant crime in their society, it still remains unclear exactly what must be done to address the issues they want handled. Laura Martinez told a radio reporter that she was instructed by the men who kidnapped her son to bring the ransom money to them by first becoming part of the demonstration crowd until they directed her to the locale where the money was exchanged for her son. It was interesting how many marchers looked to themselves rather than to police or government as the cause of crime. A cleaning lady, Teresa Magana, who refused to march put it this way: “If I raise my children with values and with feelings, they would never kill anyone…Parents are not doing their job.”

The march against crime was not the first of its kind and most probably will not be the last. There is increasing concern about the need to centralize police forces, raise pay, train a more professional security force, and address issues of poverty and ineffective treatment of criminals.

Swedish Recidivism Rates Dropping

Swedish recidivism rates are dropping due to improved efforts in jails in dealing with prisoners. The Swedish National Council on Prime Prevention(Bra) which issued the report also warns the return to a life of crime is always high. Since 2002, Sweden’s prisons have been given the task of focusing intently on prisoners who are in jail for drug crimes. The Bra study shows conclusively there is a marked and statistically significant difference in relapse rates among those who have received special substance care compared to those who have not. After a year out of jail, 50% of those released relapsed compared to 58% who did not participate in substance abuse programs. Many of those who succeed in avoiding crime went through a 12 step program.

Sweden is attempting to deal with the issue of recidivism in a manner far different than that common in American prisons.

US Military Finally Places Contractor On Trial

The war in Iraq has resulted in a host of problems for American and Iraq society, including the existence of a legal situation in which civilian contractors operate in a gray area which prevents them from being tried for crimes. The Bush administration forced an agreement on Iraq which allows civilian contractors to be exempt from Iraq law, and since Congress has never declared war, the contractors are also exempt from American civil or military law. Due to an amendment to the Uniform Code of Justice, civilian contractors can now be placed on trial before a military court.

Alaa Mohammad Ali, an Iraqi-Canadian translator who works with a private contractor, will become the first civilian to be tried under the new provisions. He is charged with murdering a fellow employee and will stand trial in a military court. Prior to the amendment it would have been unclear who had legal jurisdiction over this crime.

During the Vietnam War, which was also never witnessed a declaration of war by Congress, several civilians were tried in a military court for crimes.