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Aussies Thwart Croc Attack!

A group of brave Australians prevented the world from experiencing another terrorist attack by spotting the terrorist and then ensuring it could not do any damage. A group of Aussies were are their favorite watering hole in the Outback doing what one does at a watering hole when one spotted the terrorist lounging around near the door. They immediately ran to the door, seized the terrorist who was disguised as a crocodile and brought him inside. In a spirit of comradeship, the Aussies invited the terrorist to join them for some libation at the bar, but there was no response from the terrorist who was disguised as a crocodile. Barmaid, Sarah Sparre, said “he was pretty complacent, easygoing, but we weren’t going to test him out.”

The world undoubtedly was saved from another 9/11 experience due to the bravery of these gallant Australians. The croc is now back at a croc farm and being carefully watched since he will undoubtedly abandon the disguise and return to his natural terrorist life form.