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Father Runs Over Daughter Who Has Become “Westernized”

We inhabit a planet in which at any single moment there are about 200,000,000 people who have left their native lands in search of wealth and happiness in other lands. Nowhere is this sense of loss and gain more acutely felt than among Arab Muslims who must accommodate to life in a basically Christian society in which their children adopt not merely the dress, but mannerisms of the new land. Faleh Hassan Aimaldeki was a newcomer to America and eventually discovered that his daughter was adopting American culture with its values of gender equality and making her own decisions rather than relying on him for guidance. Finally, he snapped, got in his car and aimed it at his daughter. The vehicle hit the 20 years old and sent her sprawling, but, fortunately, she was not severely injured. The only injuries were most probably felt by her father who was arrested on charges of attempted manslaughter.

The issue faced by Noor Faleh Aimaldeki and he father happens every day in every part of America. It is the American experience and now has spread world wide because migrants fill the streets of every nation in the world. There is no solution in the clash of civilizations, it is part of modern human life.