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Myanmar Blinks And Says OK to Aid

After forcing cyclone victims to go without assistance from the outside world, the military junta which rules the nation finally agreed to allow all aid workers to enter the nation in order to bring in supplies and those with exprtise in dealing with such calamities. The world has been chastising Burma leaders for weeks, but UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was finally able, as a result of his personal mission to the country, to secure permission from General Than Shwe to allow the aid workers to enter. As a further concession said Ban, “he(Shwe) has agreed to allow all aid workers regardless of nationalities” to to enter the country which is ordinarily closed to the outside world by its reclusive leaders.

The Un estimates about 133,00 are dead as a result of the cyclone and over a million displaced. So far only a trickle of assistance has been able to enter Burma and only small percent of those impacted by the devastation even been able to receive any food or clothes or water. General Shwe is willing to allow aid workers to use Rangoon as its headquarter site in bringing in aid.

The State Peace and Development Council(SPDC) as the military junta calls itself, has drawn international condemnation for its attitude in refusing to help its own people. It is estimated it will take about $11 billion to restore conditions to what existed previous to the storm.