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Czeching Immigration In The Czech Republic

Under new legislation passed in the Czech Republic legislature, there will be stringent new requirements for foreigners seeking to become citizens of the nation. An EU citizen would have to live in the Czech Republic for two years and be married for one year to a Czech in order to obtain permanent residency. There is now a language requirement making it necessary to speak the Czech tongue. A non-EU woman who marries a Czech and has a baby before the required wait time has elapsed would not have medical benefits event though the child is a Czech citizen.

The new laws are similar to others being passed in European Union nations to make more difficult obtaining citizenship. The Czech Republic now has 126,000 people from the Ukraine, 66,000 from Slovakia, and about 45,000 Vietnamese who live and work but are not citizens of the nation. The ironic aspect of tightening requirements is that Europe has a low birthrate and desperately needs more children so the only effect of such laws is to increase the need for children in the EU. The United States in the time period of 1890-1924 absorbed about 20 million immigrants, few of whom initially could speak English. The overwhelming majority eventually learned to speak English, but event those who retained their native language were loyal and dedicated Americans. Many fought for their nation in WWI and their children fought in WWII.s