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Czech Republic Youth Display Racist Attitudes

A poll conducted by the People in Need Foundation revealed deep seated racist attitudes among adolescent Czech Republic youth. Almost 80% of them do not like Romany people whom they blame for an “inability to adjust.” They prefer having the government place Romany children in separate schools in order to remove them from daily contact with typical students. Most of the students also revealed they do not like prostitutes, drug addicts and the homeless although they appear more sympathetic towards senior citizens and the disabled. Critics argued the poll did not include schools which have instituted multicultural education programs.

This poll should make those who oppose multicultural education in America pause and reflect on the benefits of having young people learn about other cultures and values. it is all well and good to decry “political correctness,” but there is something “correct” about recognizing the dignity and humanity of those for whom are of different cultures and may also have differing values.